To load, press LOAD"". Press PLAY on your cassette recorder. The programme will now load automatically. (The programme is recorded on both sides of the tape. In case of difficulty, turn the tape over, rewind to the beginning and load again.)


KEYBOARD or JOYSTICK (Kempston or Sinclair [PORT 2]). Press FIRE or SPACE to start. This will tell the computer how you intend to control the game. If you press SPACE, the computer will accept KEYBOARD control.

If you press FIRE, the computer will accept JOYSTICK control.

O&P (Joystick LEFT/RIGHT to move LEFT or RIGHT
Q (Joystick UP to JUMP
A (Joystick DOWN to move ICON SELECTOR
SPACE (Joystick FIRE to use SPELL, AXE or SWORD
Q&A (Joystick UP/DOWN are also used to SELECT ITEMS from KNAPSACK or SHOPS. (FIRE to BUY item)
G (when knapsack selected) to QUIT


Your task is to rescue the Princess Lalena from the clutches of the evil Dark Lord. Progress is made by finding gold, using it to obtain keys, extra weapons, shields and Moontorc parts, and giving the completed Moontorc to the ferocious Tollmen that guard the exits to each of the 4 levels of the 'Old World'.

GOLD will be found in the treasure chests located around each level. All gold collected can be used to purchase items from the shops.

SHOPS will sell you (if you have enough gold) Moontorc parts, shields, spells, axes, keys and food, although not all shops sell all of these items. To enter a shop, simply walk up to the shopkeeper (Druid, Jester or Witch). Once in the shop use UP/DOWN and FIRE to SELECTL and BUY the items that you want (and can afford).


parts, when bought, will be shown on the knapsack page. 3 parts are needed to complete the Moontorc and allow you to pass the Tollman at the end of the level.

DOORS will block your path or stop you from reaching items that may be vital to your progress. The foors are colour-coded green, blue and yellow and can only be opened if you are holding the appropriate coloured key.

KEYS can be bought in the shops or, on occasion, found hidden around the landscape. To open a door stand next to it, select 'Knapsack' and use the appropriate coloured key. If the correct key is used the door wil open. If the wrong key is used it is lost from play.

The location of the doors and the purchase of keys is vital to your progress. Always buy plenty when you have the opportunity.

SPELLS AND AXES can be bought from certain of the shops. To use them, select the correct icon and press fire (SPACE). Each will work against CERTAIN types of enemy, but which one to choose? That is for you to discover. The SWORD will kill most enemies if timed correctly.

SHIELDS when bought are automatically worn. Whilst shield strength remains, they will deflect enemy fire.

FOOD when bought or found, will replenish your energy.

KNAPSACK can hold up to 4 items plus Moontorc parts. To examine the contents of your knapsack, select knapsack icon. Use UP/DOWN to SELECT item required and FIRE to USE.

If for some reason you want to restart the game i.e. if you can't obtain the correct key to open a door... select KNAPSACK and press the G key. The game will then move to the game over sequence.

Good Luck!