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This is the thread to stop by & introduce yourself.
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    i shant
    Professional Mel-the-Bell Simulator................"So realistic, I found myself reaching for the Kleenex King-Size!" - Richard Darling
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    That's funny. The forum showed the Last Post as Daren, when it was in fact from mel. Even more bizzarely, clicking on Daren showed me mel's profile (no, not THAT profile you pervs!). A bit of head scratching later, and refreshing the page seemed to clear up the identity crisis but it *was* bizzare. Wonder if anyone else had a similar experience. Spooky!
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    Arjun wrote:
    That's funny. The forum showed the Last Post as Daren, when it was in fact from mel. Even more bizzarely, clicking on Daren showed me mel's profile (no, not THAT profile you pervs!). A bit of head scratching later, and refreshing the page seemed to clear up the identity crisis but it *was* bizzare. Wonder if anyone else had a similar experience. Spooky!

    it showed daren had posted in here before i did thats why i looked in this very thread :
    Professional Mel-the-Bell Simulator................"So realistic, I found myself reaching for the Kleenex King-Size!" - Richard Darling
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    I am BigBadMick, I'm from Belfast, in Northern Ireland.

    It rains here all the time.

    According to the dodgy welcome message on the top right of my forum page, I was last here on the 1st of January 1970 at 1am.

    Good trick considering I was born in 1977... :)
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    Hello, I'm Laila. I've got an IQ of 247. I am fabulously wealthy. I enjoy transatlantic shopping sprees, skiing in St Moritz and driving my porsche. I own 40 fur coats, 3 mansions, speak 12 languages fluently with no accent. Oh and I like ZX spectrums. Also, I live in a bigger house than you, so dont mess with me.
    On those afternoons in utopia..
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    Excellent, I now know more about who Arjun, Mel and Daren are from the comprehensive personal information they posted!

    My additional info...

    I'm 32, and live in Scunthorpe (in North Lincolnshire, UK) with my partner Janett and my 12 year old son, Eddie.

    This is me:

    This is Janett:

    And here's Eddie:

    I started with the Speccy when I was... I forget what age, but it was young. I never learnt z80 m/c, as it was just too damned hard. I stuck with BASIC up until the day I got my Amiga where it became painfully obvious that Sinclair BASIC was in fact superior to Amiga BASIC.

    From there I learnt Amiga E, and some 68k m/c when I was working for Applied Systems Group - who were quite a major supporter and manufacturer of Amiga products.

    After that I started programming PCs in Smartware II for Glanford Council (who still use my Time-Analysis and House Maintenance systems in their office). It's about time they upgraded.

    When work dried up, I took a few temporary manual jobs, ending with Portering at the local hospital. One thing led to another, and I am now a third-year student nurse due to qualify in december.

    In my spare time, I program in Borland Delphi 5 and the results of my efforts can be seen in the ZXSpin emulator (which was a collaborative project involving myself, Marko, Woody and Damien Guard), and BASin - my attempt at a Delphi-like IDE for Sinclair BASIC. I've also programmed the SCREEN$ screensaver, to much critical acclaim :-)

    For these projects, Woody and Marko endeavoured to teach me x86 and z80 assembly, for which I am indebted to them.

    My favourite speccy games are the Cybernoids, Sabre Wulf, Where Time Stood Still and Explorer. My favourite PC games are the Thief series and the Thievery Unreal Tournament mod.

    I am now using BASin to write my first Speccy game, and having to modify BASin until it's up to the task as I go.

    I can't think of anything else to add at the moment :)

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    Laila wrote:
    Hello, I'm Laila. I've got an IQ of 247. I am fabulously wealthy. I enjoy transatlantic shopping sprees, skiing in St Moritz and driving my porsche. I own 40 fur coats, 3 mansions, speak 12 languages fluently with no accent. Oh and I like ZX spectrums. Also, I live in a bigger house than you, so dont mess with me.

    and you love s and m?
    Professional Mel-the-Bell Simulator................"So realistic, I found myself reaching for the Kleenex King-Size!" - Richard Darling
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    and you love s and m?

    Umm yeah, thats why I'm fabulously wealthy.
    On those afternoons in utopia..
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    I'm the one and Only Starglider

    31, Maidstone, Kent.

    Got my first speccy in 1984. First game I played was Wheelie!
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    My name is Marko and I am an alcoh- oh damn, that's tomorrow.

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    I'm Nick Humphries, 32 this year, and a bit tetchy about what info I give out on the net.

    Selected highlights:

    * Born in Austin, Texas, USA several years before it became a fashionable place to be.

    * Computer programmer plus several other computery things. Recently relocated back to the Wirral after an old friend from university asked me to help build his company. Work in C, C#, Perl, Python, SQL on Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms.

    * Used a Spectrum since 1985, SAM in 1990, various PCs since 1992.

    * Webmaster of the Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years website (, an online archive of a lot of articles from Your Sinclair.

    * Helped set up The Tipshop ( with Gerard Sweeney. Gerard now runs the site whilst I do various odd things in the background, so this really is Gerard's baby.

    * Work on both of the above sites have hit the back-burner as various life things happened and also I started on the YSRnRY documentary ( There've been lots of retrogaming one-offs on TV and I wanted to do one for the Speccy. There's half an hour's worth to download, covering 1982 to 1985, and the 1986 chapter is due out in a month or two.

    * I also dabble in writing, plus cycling and animation.
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    Most of you already know me but for those who don't, here's me!

    My name is Ian, I'm 31 and I'm from the fine city of Kilkenny. I'm currently studying history and archaeology in university. Before that, I worked in IT in various different jobs from COBOL programming on VMS to database design (MS Access) to web design (part-time - I still do that occasionally). I eventually discovered I hated all that so I decided that a change would be good. I still like using computers though, especially the Speccy (which is why I'm here) and Linux (it's closest in spirit to the computers of old, before Microsoft came along and fucked it all up).

    In my spare time, I like listening to music, reading, watching TV, spending far too much time on the internet, drinking heavily on weekends and fantasizing about having rough, violent sex with Sarah Michelle Gellar. :)

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    hello i'm gavin, i'm 'new here' and i'm not in my thirties.

    i like spectrums because they remind me of my youth before i discovered music and girls (in that order)

    i ride a bicycle, and i don't like dogs or capital letters. hello.
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    My name is Lee (obviously) and I'm 33.

    I got my first speccy in the xmas rush of 1982 which was a 48k. I kept it until it virtually died from over use & got a replacement 128k+2 for xmas 1986.

    At the time, I didn't have much of a collection due to the cost of the games, so I used my pocket money to buy Sinclair User & Your Sinclair instead. I programmed many a crap game in BASIC - which strangely set me on the path to my current career.

    I started working as a mainframe operator in 1992 which more or less signalled the end of my speccy years. I got myself a PC instead and was pleased to see that GWBasic was similar to Speccy basic. Same thing with Quickbasic & VB3 when I was introduced to those.

    I did a stint as a contractor in 1998-1999, taking advantage of the Y2K panic. I gave it up to move into another full time position in Nottingham, where I stayed until last year. I haved stayed in Nottingham where I live with Sarah & two of my three children. Along with several cats.

    I now work from home as a web developer. The coding basics I learnt on the Speccy still hold true with my current favourite - PHP.

    As for WoS - I was a regular visitor of the ysrnry site pretty much from the beginning, and from there visited WoS occasionaly. I was finally persuaded to join the forum by Andy Barker's enthusiasm for preservation. The rest is history....

    Being settled for what seems like the first time in my life, I started collecting again & now have a rather large collection of tapes, books, equipment & magazines. Last count was around 3000 tapes. I have almost completed the set of the three main magazines too.
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    I'm the being known as Malc74. I'm 32 years old and have been living in Canada for over 2 years now. I'm originally from Fife, Scotland and have also spent some time living and working in Ireland.
    By education/trade I'm an archaeologist (Carrickmines Castle ring a bell, Necros?), but living in the frozen north means that particular career is now on hold indefinitely. My job at the moment carries the dodgy sounding title of "Flow Specialist" which actually is a roundabout way of saying "Head Shipper/Receiver for a large department store". How I managed to go from archaeology to this I have no idea. I've been married for 2 1/2 years to Amanda. Our happy family is completed by a sarky cat and insane, lunatic dog.

    I bought my first Speccy (a +2a) in 1990, but I'd been using my brother's 48k on and off since about 1984. Since moving to Canada I've amassed a pretty decent computer/video game collection ranging from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo DS and just about everything in between. Since collecting Speccy games is pretty hard in Canada I'm currently concentrating on 2600 and old PC game collecting, but I'll buy just about any old videogame tat if it's the right price. It drives my wife mad, mind you.

    That's me, who's next?
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    My real name's Mathew, I'm 16 and I'm from Slovakia
    I'm unique because most of the forumers of my age are trolls :P

    I have a Didaktik M and a Didaktik KOMPAKT and for about a month now I have a rubber speccy (thanks to my dear friend Lloyd :) )

    I'm a high school student currently, not sure which way to go after I'm done with it, probably something to do with English becuase I'm quite advanced at it...

    My hobbies are PC and Speccy games (used to have a NES clone), sports, music (mostly metal and rock genres) and keyboards (I play in a band).

    That's all (I think).
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    I'm Nic, 32 from West Midlands. I'm a tax adviser until I work out what I want to be when I grow up. All I have worked out so far is that I don't want to be a tax adviser which doesn't narrow it down too much. I still have my own teeth which constatly amazes me.

    Had my first spectrum in 1983, thanks to a step-dad who either wanted one himself or wanted to keep me off his computer. Judging by the way he set it up about two weeks before Christmas whilst my mom was out so he could "test" it, I guess it was the former. Fortunately, he had good taste in games, so it came with 5 of the first 6 Ultimate releases and Christmas day was spent playing Atic Atac.

    First found WoS back in about 96 when I got my first internet connection of my own and spent far too long reading the forums ever since.
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    Malc74 wrote:
    (Carrickmines Castle ring a bell, Necros?)
    Yep. A friend of mine worked on it. It was even more proof of the complete stupidity and "we don't give a shit and will side with the group that gives us the most money" attitude of our government.

    Also, I forgot to mention that I got my first Speccy in 86 as a present for my confirmation (pointless Catholic rite-of-passage ceremony). I will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of that important event sometime this month (as soon as I find out what date it was on back then :)).

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    im myles, i have a new watch. i have no freinds, but hope to get some when they see my new watch.
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    Hello! My actual name is Thomas but I prefer to be called Tom.
    I am an unemployed, slightly crazy 21 year old man (or 21 year old boy
    depending on your point of view) who pops in to this forum every now
    and then to while away a fair bit of my time (which I have plenty of).

    My interests other than the speccy include:-
    Smoking dope
    Music (mainly rock)

    Oh and every now and then I'll make a BASIC game, stick it on my site and
    post a link to it in the forums.

    That's about it.....
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    Hello I'm Dan, 25.
    I've been a ZX Spectrum fan since around 1988 when I saw my new mate in primary school programming one in 48k mode and mucking around with DRAW.
    The music on demos got me into electronic music, here's my most recent attempt.
    I've been into electronics since I ripped apart my Fisher Price tape player soon after i got it for Christmas... I build amplifiers, psus, simple robots and associated microcontrollers. Can program machine code in Z80, 6502, ARM RISC, 68HC11 and 12 plus some others. Written my own operating system with interrrupt driven command line interface and debugger over RS232, made a ground resistance analyser (for detecting pipes etc) using said OS and some DSP stuff.
    Current work is building a thermodynamic model of a work roll (finite difference and finite element) in the Port Talbot hot strip mill, in C#, for the past 3 years. C# is my favourite language to date, despite it being Microsoft!
    Favourite music is psy-trance.
    Favourite vegetable is the turnip.
    Favourite drinks are steklla, tasty ales and gin (not mixed together blergh!)
    Most scary game is Doom 3.
    Number of spectrums in the loft, err loads can't quite remember!
    Most pathetic attempt at getting a spectrum to load something was across 27Mhz CB. Most slow attempt at the same thing was using a morse encoder and decoder written in spectrum BASIC, which has to be the slowest basic ever in the history of 8-bit computing (though i'm sure someone will correct me on this one ;) ) Worked though!
    I live in Cardiff, and help run a psy-trance night called CLUD.
    Most hated: Those bloody 'Ikean' conspiracy theory nutters.

    Just noticed my old sig (that'll be the speccies in the loft) :)
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    I'm the misguided_fool - real name Neil Collins. Aged 32.

    I live in Cardiff, and work for a magazine company (in between chatting up women on MSN all day and playing emulator games)..

    My brother had a spectrum in the early 80s, and I had a C64. Which was the main reason for most of our arguements / fights. He lost interest in computers for his love of the BMX (idiot). So I soon owned both machines. First games I played were probably Manic Miner / Ant attack on the spectrum and Forbidden forest on the C64. I've been addicted to most computer games since then.

    Other hobbies include:
    Playing guitar & listening to most kinds of rock / guitar music.
    Most sports (apart from cricket).
    Getting pissed and chasing women.

    My pride and joy apart from my PC is my Gibson SG & my fender strat.

    My dream is to be able to program competently on a PC, but I just don't seem to have the head for it nowadays. I did learn a bit on the Amiga and programmed pieces of demos on the Amiga.

    Trying desperately to grow up and get serious, but I can't seem to. Too much to do and so much temptation living in the city. Need to get a house soon with my girlfriend and dedicate a room to retrogaming (I haven't told her about this yet...)

    So that's me - greetings to all you WOS people..
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    I'm Lee and I live in Hartlepool, on the North-East coast of England. I'm 34 and have been into gaming for over twenty years. My parents bought me a ZX81 which I hardly touched (as it used to overheat something terrible!) then a while later I got a C64 (still got the same one working now). I've got quite a few C64 games, including a lot of budget releases.

    In the mid 90's I picked up a Spectrum Plus and a few original games. Then I got back into gaming when I got a Playstation and around 2001, I got introduced to emulation via the internet.

    I've now got several consoles and computers (thanks to eBay addiction!). I'm currently awaiting a PC Engine Turbo Duo. I've also still got a lot of old magazines (music and gaming) - Every issue of ZZAP!, almost every issue of CRASH, several issues of YS, SU etc.

    I visit several forums every day and moderate at a few (Lemon64, Def Guide To ZZAP!, Lemon Amiga). I also like reading, tv, films and music - I DJ once a week at a local club (playing alt/indie stuff).

    Thats about it!
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    Okay, I suppose I better spill the beans too then:

    I'm Arjun Nair, 29 this May, and I live in Navi Mumbai (New Bombay).

    I've lived all over India since Dad was a doc in the Army. Some of my fav memories are playing in the snow in Kashmir, before the things went tits up, and getting together with my cousins in the green paradise that is Kerala, my home.

    I did my Bachelors in Computer Science from Bangalore and those college years were the heady days of discovering drinks, dope and endless nights of singing, chatting, playing the fool with friends etc.

    I began working as a freelance travel writer for a dot-com called (those were the dot com days) - an overpaid, underworked job with much of my work involving editing content they provided. Armchair travelling if there was one!

    3 months later I was lucky enough to land a job at yet another dot com known as as a features writer. A full time job though it was, it was still a case of being paid for not doing much basically. That lasted all of 6 months before it went bust.

    I was fortunate to land a job within a month in a publication (ITNation) that also had a dotcom ( - still doing well) business model albiet a better one. I was employed as a reporter and had to do stories on the IT Reseller and Channel network in Bangalore for both the online as well as the magazine they had. Worked there for 1.5 years before I finally caved in to boredom.

    Switched to a publication called Network Computing as a features writer (employed by the same boss I had in itspace - no coincidence) and spent 6 months writing some really boring stuff, but I was paid well enuff.

    All this had happened without my planning anything. I just went with the flow. Never wanted to be a journalist really but things just panned out that way. But I was growing weary of it and I really wanted to get into game programming - my first love! So, one fine day I saw an ad in the paper for a Story Writer for some upstart gaming company. I jumped at it as a chance to break into the gaming industry. Quit my well paying job for something that was paying me less than half, but what the hell I thought to myself.

    6 months later I realised that I seem to know more about programming then the senior tech dudes in the company, so quit and joined jadooworks, a big animation company with some wonderful talent. I was hired as a junior programmer and I absorbed as much as I could in my 9 months there before JW went down surprising everyone in the animation industry. Lounged about for a month before I bagged a job at Paradox Studios in Bombay. I was there for 8 months (they lost the plot somewhere as far as PC gaming is concerned) before I got a better offer at Indiagames, currently the biggest mobile gaming company in India.

    So, now I'm a senior developer working on some of the latest gaming tech in mobile phones and enjoying it. Life has come a full circle it would seem.

    Anyway, I like to read, watch movies, listen to music, code in C++, drink lots, and have never been known to refuse good weed or tea.

    Blimey! I've been rambling on quite a bit! Better go lie down or something....
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    well im not actually harry potter though I had ye going.... name is Gordon I work as a process engineer for Intel (Im a number!), I love CG and have worked on a few freelance projects (modeller, lead artist) for some garage game companies (I use maya mostly). Got a speccy when I was 10 (Im 32) and loved the little shite till the power pack bust and refound my love through emu's, oh and Im from scotland.
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    If we are spilling the beanz I guess I better too.

    I got a ZX81 for Christmas back in '81 (I think). Parents took me upto WHSmiths in Manchester and got it, I quickly became sick and took the bus home and thoughtfully took 'the big heavy box' with me so they would not have to cart it around all day. I immeadiatley hooked it up and messed around with it for a couple of hours before carefully repacking it before my parents got home.

    From there I got a Vic-20 next based on the info from a friend who said it was superior to the Spectrum. I quickly realised I had been duped and got a Spectrum probably around mid 83 I'm thinking. I'd started working by then at an Air Charter Brokers and had the bright Idea of writing a database in basic (on the Vic-20 I had sold to my boss) to store all the charter info on. Took me about 6 months and some huge non standard memory expansion for the Vic but I finally got it finished, only to be laid off a month later!

    Wrote a couple of games on the speccy that were published on a tape mag no one has heard of called 'The buccaneers'. I dont have copies so if anyone happens to have them (Flat Racing and Witches Castle)....

    Big swathe of nothing interesting till 1997 when I upped and moved to USA where my wife was from. Got a job working for Compaq/HP as an Electronic Technician and got laid off from there in 2002 quickly followed by divorce in 2003. Now work for a Airline Ticket Printer refurb company as Ops Manager selling 20yr old dot matrix and thermal printers to 3rd world countries that dont have E-tickets.

    Went home to Manchester last October for the first time since I left and was shocked to see the same arses on the same chairs in The Bulls Head, Swinton. Thinking about moving back to England, not sure yet though.

    I believe I am the only person in Texas with a complete speccy setup imported at great expensive from the motherland.
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    Here goes. I'm 32, born in London but didn't stay there for long. Next was Reading, and I lived thereabouts for 10 years. Then it was off to the arctic wastes of Aberdeenshire, until I went drinking^W to university in Glasgow for four years. Back to Aberdeen for a masters, and then a proper job in Coventry. The highlight of that job was being sent to the Ukraine for a couple of weeks. I got a new job in Birmingham. I'm still working for the same company, but I'm now based in the Indian office in Pune. See my blog for insightful commentary on India - the latest entry mentions that summer is hot.

    I own an Apple Mac. Because they don't have any software I write my own. The first thing I wrote for OS X was a Spectrum related utility: Mac2Spec. The code is available and a quick look will confirm that it suffers from being a first attempt. I've rewritten it but am keeping the new version secret for now - don't tell anyone.

    More pics and ropey software on my homepage. That is all.
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    What the hell is going on here? Why does everyone feel the need to re-introduce themselves just because the forum software has been updated?

    I demand an answer, and I demand it this instant! ;) :D
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    Refrenz wrote:
    What the hell is going on here? Why does everyone feel the need to re-introduce themselves just because the forum software has been updated?

    I demand an answer, and I demand it this instant! ;) :D

    Re-introduce? Er... we just got introduced! Apparently, we don't know the first thing about each other. Dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :D
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    Just be thankful that mel the bell decided not to bother introducing himself. :)
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