Personal Comptuer World Jan 1983

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Can anybody help me with this? I've been after this issue for a while. If I could borrow it to scan, then I'll send it back to you. It has the Jupiter Ace benchtest in it, which we want for the Ace archive. The whole of the mag would be scanned and uploaded to the WoS archive. So, if you have this copy can I borrow it please?

Thanks in advance,
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    A university library would be a good place to look for it. They aren't open to the public though.
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    Yes!, thats what I thought, but no. I've searched Keele Uni, and Birmingham.
    Birmingham have a small collection of Byte mags - thats about it. Also they don't like you to take the Mags away from the library to be scanned.

    The only way is if someone here has a copy I can borrow or if one pops up on eBay.

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    Aberdeens RGU did have them when I was there. Presumably it still does.
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