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The following guidelines are designed to make your WoS experience more enjoyable.


These are "family-friendly" forums visited by people of all nationalities, races, ages and backgrounds. These guidelines (and especially the ones politeness) are intended to maintain this "family-friendly" atmosphere.

* Keep the tone and content of your posts respectful and polite (even if you're angry about something).

* Rudeness has no place on these forums. Friendly banter is a part of WoS, but please don't post something you wouldn't say to a friend.

* Do not attack, harass, threaten or insult other forum members, either in public or via PM.

* We all swear every now & then, but please try to keep it at a minimum. Remember - there may be children watching.


A) No private message spam. No affiliate links.

B) No information about how to obtain unlawful copies of denied games. Click here to find current copyright status.

C) Discussions of religions or religious philosophies, cultural differences, sex, sexual orientation, freedom of speech, politics and governments tend to end in flame wars and trading insults. Please remember that the majority of these discussions end up being locked.

D) No racism. Again, friendly banter is a part of WoS, however, directly insulting someone because of their race is not acceptable.

E) When in doubt, DO NOT POST!

F) Finally, ignorance is no excuse. It is a requirement of Forum participation that all members read and agree with these guidelines. It's a total waste of time saying "I didn't read them" after an issue is raised!
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