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Here's a game I just thought up. You have to nominate a game you really don't like to be incinerated. The catch, however, is that it has to be related to the game in the previous post in some way, e.g. same publisher, programmer, character or similar gamestyle/plot, or whatever connection you can make (i.e. if I say Commando, you can then say Chuckie Egg, Bomb Jack or Cabal). You also have to give a reason for wanting the game burned.

I'll go first. Highlander because the graphics are terrible for their time and there's absolutely no gameplay present or any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Who's next?

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    Highlander -> Streethawk.

    Both versions (of Streethawk) sucked big weenie.
    Hello, guys? Skip right over me why don't you??? :)
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    Highlander ---> Breakthru, because of the most hideously overlooked bug ever in a game - Hold down space to jump your way through the game without getting killed.
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    Breakthru --> Shadow Warriors.

    Very pretty to look at, but hold down fire most of the time and you'll complete it very quickly.
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    Shadow Warriors --> Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o' Fun (they're on the same platform :-))

    A great big pile o' cack. More time spent loading in each level (completely unneccessary on a 128K machine), than actually playing the festering pile o' shite.
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    Fiendish Freddie -> Fred (Quicksilva)

    How I hated that game. It's so damned boring!
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    Fred ---> Sir Fred.

    Never been able to go past the fourth or fifth damned location.
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    sir fred ---> Everyone's a Wally (mikro-gen)

    i spent far too much time playing this, when i could have been working on my social skills. thats why i hate it. :)
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    Tubaruba. Why I bought this I will never ever know. As a game it is shite with a capital S.

    As for burning stuff I'd say who cares as long as it's the CBM64 version
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    Everyone's a Wally ----> Frost Byte (same producer)


    Horrible, unplayable mess of a game. Burn it.
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    Frost Byte ---> Chiller

    Complete pants. Main character looked like a retard. C64 version pissed all over it.
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    Chiller - SOS (also by Mastertronic)

    Horrible rotate-movement and what bright spark decided it would be a good idea to have the screen go black at regular intervals?
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    SOS - Alien Kill (we could stay on Mastertronic for quite some time)

    It looked like a bad magazine type in shoved through a compiler. Still a waste of money at ?1.99.
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    Alien Kill ---> Gemini Wing

    this might be wrong but didnt Mastertronic get absorbed by Virgin and then this got released?

    well it was cack for the lord.
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