Spectrum+ keyboard problem

Hello all!

I was wondering if someone here could give me some hints with my Speccy+. The problem is that I replaced the motherboard of my Spectrum+ (the new one is issue 3B) and now the "STOP"-key ("symbol shift" + "A") don't work. All other keys work (including "symbol shift" and "A") fine. So, the membrane and it's connections are okay. I read somewhere that the motherboard could need a resistor replacement. Does anyone have any knowloedge about this? Thanks!

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    I had nearly the same trouble (extend mode didnt work)Im not sure about the resistors, but have you tried cutting down the ribbon cable from they keyboard? Allthough you said the membrane and leads are okay, you should check. The workings of the speccy keyboard seem to be very tempramental and my 48+ now works fine after I serviced the conections.
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    Is it possible to simply "cut down" the ribbon cable from the keyboard?
    I'm specifically referring to the Spectrum+ I have; for the first time, I think I have accidentally broken a computer part, and it would be a part on my beloved Spectrum+ wouldn't it?! The ribbon cable was obviously more fragile than I thought, and it fatigued and broke exactly between the main ribbon part, and the thicker bare-contacts end of the cable. Is there some way that I can re-attach this contacts end, or would it be better to try and find a new ribbon connector?
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    You could either try cutting just above the break and reconnecting from there,making sure the remaining cable is long enough 1st or get some metallic paint and repaint the damaged track (this has worked for me on all my keyboard faulty speccys)
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    Thx for the suggstions - I'll see what I can do... :)
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    Hello again! I'm the Anonymous user who posted the first message (but not the one above this, btw). I registered my nick since my last post.

    Yes, the keyboard problem with my Speccy+. I tried the keyboard with an older issue 2 motherboard and it worked perfectly. I also tried it with a issue 4 keyboard but it worked just like with my own motherboard (issue 3B). The "STOP"-key didn't work either. So, the membrane should be fine. I have now tested the keyboard many times with diffirent motherboards and I have come to a conclusion that it works fine with the issue 2 mb, but not with issue 3 or issue 4.
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