Type-ins update at TTFn

edited October 2006 in Announcements
As I've recently added a bunch of new stuff at The Type Fantastic, I thought that I'd make a mention of it here.

The biggest update is 72 programs from Sinclair Programs. As all the best ones have been done long ago, this is a pretty frowzy bunch, perhaps the least unmemorable being Juggler, Pseudo Logo and Trap. Juggler (by W.G. Davies) has the distinction of being the only juggling game for the Spectrum that I've ever seen, either as a type-in or commercial program (I'm not counting Chinese Juggler, as that was plates not balls).

For those who don't know, TTFn is an index and archive of the type-in programming articles and readers' programs for the Sinclair Research range of computers published during the 1980s-early 1990s in a host of magazines. Primarily from Big K, Computer & Video Games, Home Computing Weekly, Micro Adventurer, Personal Computer News, Popular Computing Weekly, Sinclair Answers, Sinclair Programs, Sinclair User, Your Computer, Your Spectrum, Your Sinclair and ZX Computing, but with odds & ends from a bunch of other mags as well; and including everything that's possible to type from Your Spectrum and Your Sinclair. There's 3,601 programs listed, of which 1,426 are archived.
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