Vega Solaris (English translation)

edited March 2007 in Games
Anyone played this yet? Seems like a pretty good game in a similar vein to Feud. The loader is pretty cool too; the loading screen is displayed as consecutive lines and you can play a little Space Invaders-style game while you're waiting for it to load (keys are Q/P left/right, 0 to fire). However the custom loader means that some (all?) emulators won't be able to accelerate loading too much. Therefore, I've quickly patched it to use the standard ROM loading routines and uploaded it here:

I've also uploaded it to the WoS FTP in case Martijn wants to include it in the next update, along with a GIF of the loading screen (as the current one on WoS has part of it obscured by the Space Invaders game -- which I suppose is more representative of the loader!)
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