Fuse for Mac OS X

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A bug fix version of Fuse for Mac OS X has been released soon or already here at WoS and at the dedicated sourceforge project:


Major changes since last official release (more details in the help pages):
  • Fuse is now a Universal Binary.
  • Much improved screen rendering code
  • Loader improvements: automatically run at full speed while a loader is in progress and automatically start/stop the tape when the start/end of a loader is detected.
  • RZX 'rollback' support.
  • DivIDE support.
  • TS2068 support.
  • Interface I and microdrive emulation.
  • Kempston mouse emulation.
  • TZX generalized data block (0x19) support.
  • Add a simple code profiler.
  • New PALTV 1-3x and TV3x graphics scalers.
  • Spotlight importer for emulator files (TZX, SZX etc.).
  • Save thumbnail icon images with snapshots and screenshots.
Changes since version 0.8.0:
  • Merge in changes from upstream Fuse- and libspectrum-
    • Fix IN timings and floating bus behaviour.
    • Fix crash if fullscreen mode attempted a resolution higher than the native graphics mode could handle.
    • Remove flicker when playing back RZX files with embedded snapshots.
    • Avoid crash when reading an invalid TZX file.
  • Correct PAL TV scanline preference.
  • Fix debugger stack display, tweak debugger window size to avoid stack and disassembler windows having scrollbars.
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