Emulator debugger/monitor features

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I'm currently playing about with adding a debugger/monitor sort of thing
to Fuse (loosely based on the patches floating around) and was wondering
what sort of features people would find useful in such a beast. Random
brainstorming has come up with:

* View/change registers/memory.
* Disassembly
* Single step execution
* Set/remove breakpoint(s)

Any other ideas will be taken on board, but not necessarily written :)
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    A few ideas off the top of my head.

    - The disassembly window should at display least 20 lines and just 10 like most disassemblers do.

    - Step over. So RUN through functions
    during Single Step.

    - 1 pass assembler for short code fixes
    (or a 2 pass if you want to).

    - Conditional breakpoints

    - Hopefully you'll have multiple breakpoints

    - Ability to run debugger and view the Speecy screen at the same time.

    When I think of a few more things I'll post them.
    Does sound promising though, most debuggers are woefully inadequate in my opinion.

    Good luck Phil.
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