Fuse packages for Ubuntu 7.10


I've made a rather crude .deb packages of the latest version of Fuse for Ubuntu Gutsy with the checkinstall script. I didn't add any dependencies, so you have to add them manually (libsdl, libxml2, glib2, etc)

I compiled it with the SDL interface, for me is more comfortable than the GTK one.


These two are for the +3 disk support:


Please give me any feedback of them! And sorry for my horrible english :lol:
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  • cidcid
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    Now I will have to reinstall ubuntu this weekend, I have no excuse :D
  • cidcid
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    Forgive me, I am a newbie in ubuntu...

    I have installed the four .deb, but I can't find how to play fuse.... :D

    It doesn't appear on the menu, in which folder must I look for it?
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    You can start it from the command line: Applications->Accessories->Terminal, and then enter

    Or use the 'run applications' box with Alt+F2.

    Not sure if there's a more direct route, but those should always work...
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