What are you playing now, and how well are you doing?

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I'm on Egghead 5. (Adventure mode)

Have been around the Med, and I, I , I... Am gathering together all the items from the countries and pooling them together in screens I can easily get to. Them I can work out what to do with each of them. Just one country left to go, then I can sort 'em all out.

Also playing... Galaxians (From Artic) on my GP2x No great score yet as I've only got lunch breaks to do that in, but its fun.
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    I'm playing (well, not right now, I'm in the job and I'm ... err... posting) Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle, and surpringsly I'm doing better that I did back in the day.

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    Last days I've been playing the two Ultimate-Filmation2 games: Gunfright and Nightshade. I didn't play them much in the 80s, but now I discovered them again. I like exploring and finding enemies...
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    Chaos. Work have provided a PDA and I, with long train journeys to face and no Revolution card for my DS (yet!) have added PocketClive. Currently facing off against two computer-controlled wizards and ratcheting up their skill level every few games. Getting my arse handed to me by level fives at the moment - when they can beat a lion in hand to hand combat, getting the drop on them proves tricky.
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    Good idea for a thread this. Juan's post reminds me that I must try Nightshade again as I unexpectedly got into Gunfright a few months ago.

    I am currently playing Rex and just started part 2 - so making good progress.

    I am also playing Xor and Into the Eagle's Nest following recommendations from Specchums in threads on the forum recently. Puzzle game Xor is looking good but I'm only solving the second puzzle in coffee breaks so far and Eagle's Nest (a highly rated Gauntlet clone) is not doing it for me so far - getting nowhere - but I'm going to persevere a bit.
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    Mainly juggling GTA: San Andreas, and the Mercenaries on Resi-4, and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow on the GBA.

    Other than that, I had a blast of Bruce Lee last night, inspired by Pengwins thread, I got bored though and turned it off.

    I playtested a JSW emake I made last night as well for a bit (which is the worst part of making JSW remakes, I hate playing my own games).

    Basically I have no "one" game at the min which I'm playing, which I will say is unusual as I don't normally juggle so many games at once.
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    I have played all of the following for more than half an hour since Sunday morning:

    Speccy: Hounds of Hell (stuck!), Firefly (currently saved stuck on a hard level next to the big switch with no arrows to use), Eugene Lord of the Bathroom (on the Anti Nato level).

    DS: Professor Layton (45-ish puzzles in), Power Pro Kun Pocket 10 (.576 roughly win record, 2nd in league)
    Wii: Mario Galaxy (got 76 stars so far), Super Paper Mario (just tooling around on the first world, wife's playing it more), Elebits (only on level 3 coz the wife's been playing it and I don't want to go ahead of her and spoil it for her)
    Gamecube: Smash Bros Melee (unlocked everything, got 3 more event matches to beat), Cubivore (got about half the mutations so far)
    Megadrive: Sonic 2 (have finished it before, was just arsing around after work), Keio Flying Squadron (got to the last level but stuck as it's bastard hard), Zoom (can't remember, did a fair few levels, but it's a laugh, kind of Amidar clone), Darius 2 (got to round 4), Road Rash 2 (on the 2nd set of races out of 5) , Desert Strike (on the 4th mission)

    And been doing the assignment I should be doing at home at work instead between 4 and 6. Might as well get paid to learn ;)
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    playing jumpman on my c64 emulator cos its stuck on it and wont allow me to play another game. the bugger, it's quite good though.

    on my speccy emulator im playing street hassle. its a bit crap but the animations are funny.
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    Solitaire - Coz Im at work!:(
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    Solitaire - Coz Im at work!:(

    ha ha, that made me laugh out loud.
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    Solitaire - Coz Im at work!:(

    If you get bored of that there's always Minesweeper :lol:
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    If you get bored of that there's always Minesweeper :lol:
    Don't forget the right mouse button pro-tip!
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    panama joe.

    i have opened a series of two cyan doors and one red door a few moments ago.

    although i don't know what it means.
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    Playing Cybernoid 1 still. First stage is very easy and can do that without losing a life... And gaining enough cargo for bonus life 'n' points. From then on it gets tricky. I start losing lives about 4 screens into stage 2.

    Also playing various half-finished games of my own, trying to figure out whether they're worth persevering with.
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    Spectrum: Jetpac. Love that game, onto the 2nd ship type. Never said I was any good at it :wink:

    C64: The Last Ninja, last level coming up.

    VIC20: Jetpac, not a bad version at all.

    PS2: Escape from Monkey Island, just started today

    PS3: Nearly finished Resistance, and am about half way through Folk Lore (lovely game)

    X360: Fable 2, about an hour in.

    I'm on 3 weeks hols from work, so may even get somewhere on the above.

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    Banjo Kazooie on the 360 - Just about to finish rusty bucket bay with all the notes, jinos, jiggies and hollow honeycombs found up to now. Taking me ages to get 100% but i've never managed it before so thats the aim.
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    I'm currently watching my wife and two kids, plus my step daughter who is 200 miles away, playing bloody Little Big Planet every bloody night until 9pm.... I don't get a look in.
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    I'm playing:

    Playing Dead Space (3 more levels to go!) and Fallout 3 (just started. Haven't gone to Washington DC yet) simultaneously on the Xbox 360.

    Am halfway through Braid as well - excellent game!

    Also, I sometimes play World of Goo on the Wii. On half-way through Chapter 3 now. Cracking game!
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    I've just finished playing The Pathetic Pablo Brothers which I am reviewing for the latest Spectrum bible. I don't think I'll be spoiling the review by saying it is truly awful.

    Now I am playing Triblox and Buggy Ranger which are infinitely more fun.

    All on emulator.
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    Currently playing Tomb Raider Anniversary on the PC (and getting stressed at the stupid camera deciding to point in the wrong direction when I need to do something important).

    Will be getting started on Call Of Duty: World At War on the PC later on tonight too.
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    El Misterio del Nilo, an awesome game, in my humble opinion 8-)

    I have left the city of Luxor and now I'm crossing the dessert of Mut, I started with the arab guy Al-Hasan and I just found Michael Dougl....errrr, Nevada, that's it :razz:
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    Been playing Diablo II on the PC but gave it a break for a week or so.

    Played through God of War II on the PS2, then finished it, and am now replaying God of War on Spartan mode, then after that I'm going to replay God of War II so I'm doing a back to back marathon.

    Of course I'm still doing the Rings of Pandora bit on the first game and haven't played it for 2 days.

    As for the SPeccy, I haven't actually played a Speccy game properly since just after christmas, have playtested some screens on Miles Mad Mission, which is now progressing once again at a "Block a day" rate :rolleyes:

    Maybe I'll have it finished for easter, since my secret deadline has been and gone now :D
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    I am playing a lot of games these days, all of them Spectrum games :

    -Xenon : I am trying to finish it, I am close to the end, but there is always some bast*rd ship killing me in the last meters of the game.

    -Arkanoid II : Excellent game, once I reached the last level, and I am trying to complete it, but its being harder than I thought, I have lost practice, so I am still at the middle levels.

    -Egghead 5 : Trying to get past the second level, Spain, its a harder than I thought game, probably won't be able to complete it.

    -Farmer Jack in Harvest Havoc ; I have been trying to complete this one for almost 3 years, and I have reached the last level twice, have to complete it yes or yes!!

    -Wizard of Wor : So far only reached 4th arena...hard, have to practice more.

    -Ghosts Castles : I have rediscovered this game...I gave it a little more time and I am enjoying it more than before...good progression.

    -Shadow of the Beast +3 : I have to retake this one as I was playing it on X-mas, I was near the 3rd monster, but I think its a very hard game, and impossible to complete withouth cheating.

    I think I am playing more, but I dont remember now...I will continue in the next post ;)
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    Playing Operation Red Refrigerator. Totally insane arcade-adventure in Dizzy style with experimental jokes and very good gfx. I like it!
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    X-Moto on laptop(Ubuntu tonight!). It's a little gem and anyone that liked Thrust should like this too.

    I'm re-visiting it and I don't seem to be as good as I was last time...........and just like a not-so-good session of Thrust it's driving me nuts 'cos every failure is 100% my fault. At least it's usually funny how the poor guy gets snotted off his bike :)

    I'll probably play it for a couple of weeks now. It's very addictive and there's more levels than you can shake a stick at(user created levels too).
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    Football Manager, Skooldaze and Cyclone were the last Spectrum games I played (on the DS)
    Bully on the Wii (cos it reminds me of Skooldaze)
    NHL 08 on the PC heading for my third straight Stanley Cup in 3 years
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    Yes I think I've mentioned it in another thread before, but I really must replay Bully sometime. I guess once I get through all the others I'm playing, I've still got a save from my second blast of Code Veronica X to finish off as well.
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    I am at level 170 out of 175.

    Further more I started coding CHAIN REACTION for the ZX Spectrum
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    forgetting all the game i have started but have faile dto go back to.

    i am playing oblivion on the 360, i have just found a cave of awsomeness, with loads of goodies, saving up for a house by robbing people, a few people died, but thats life.

    and also me an the gf are working our way through gears of war co-op.

    fraid not much on the speccy front, although i have downloaded elite and hope to give it a proper go soon.
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    I've recently gone back to Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords on the original XBox, great game it is too. I'd say I'm probably just under half-way through it (judging by the amount of planets I've left to visit).

    On the Speccy, I have started playing The Fourth Protocol (via emulation)... can't get very far in it, but it seems a pretty good game. It's just that after a while, the people I'm watching don't seem to be doing anything, and I end up getting the sack. Obviously something I'm doing wrong, but I can't figure out what it is!!
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    Spent most of the weekend playing Colonization. I completed it in 3 hours. I'm also playing Contact Sam Cruise through my emulator but i died. I can never seem to complete that game.
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