Any Australians with ZX hardware, software or magazines to sell or swap?

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Darn it's so annoying looking on and seeing the thousands of ZX Spectrum related items for sale there, there's usually bugger all Sinclair stuff for sale in Oz.

I'd love a +3 but the (economy) postage rates I've been quoted from UK Ebay sellers seems ridiculous (70 pounds!? without the power supply (to save weight).. c'mon!!)
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    You missed out on ~40 issues of Crash I had to throw out due to lack of finding anyone interested last year. Mind you they would have weighed 20 kg so still would have cost a lot to get to Melbourne.

    I'm in the process of getting rid of a bunch of Spectrum tapes from Sydney. PM me if you want to have a look at a list.
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    Australia had very little spectrum gear due to some nasty dick smiths computer sewing up the local market. NZ did get the speccy tho, I would head over to, much cheaper to get it from NZ than the UK.

    Then again I bought a 128K from and swallowed the $50 postage. Have a fair bit of speccy gear in Melbourne now actually.
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    Womble wrote: »
    Have a fair bit of speccy gear in Melbourne now actually.

    Would that be in your Melbourne House.

    I'll get my coat.....

    ps some nice speccy games in Oz Ebay
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    Hehe it would indeed be in my Melbourne House.

    These spectrum auctions are actually worth looking closely at, I bought a box of software from NZ a year or two back for 41 NZ Pesos. About 11 quid, normally I wouldnt have given tuppence for a box of dusty old tapes, except in the blurry photo I was sure I saw two Interface 2 ROM games, boxed.

    Imagine my joy when it arrived and lo and behold there was Jetpac and Horrace rom carts in their boxes with instructions.
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