Play The Last Ever Shaw Brothers NEW Spectrum Game - Hop 'n' Chop's in the WoS Archives now!

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The last ever Shaw Brothers Spectrum game is now available to download in the World of Spectrum archive section, it's called...

Hop 'n' Chop

it's probaby better in 48k, but the 128k version features more sound - but it doesn't sound right.

This game was going to be published by Atlantis Software, but they didn't get around to it.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. It's good that these emulators can speed up the gameplay (try Skatin USA or Seahawk speeded up!).

Graham D. Shaw


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    Thanks! :D

    Just playin' it now...colourful!

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    thanks for making it available! appreciated :)

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    Very nice game.

    This might seem like a very silly question - but.... how do you finish a level?

    Ahh...suddenly found that Q climps ramps. It all becomes clear...

    Sorry, one more question. How do you swap axes. It looks like you have a white one and a yellow one. How do you swap?

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    Welcome to the world of Jack Lumber. He works as a lumberjack, chopping down trees & returning the logs each shift to the local branch of the Log Company. After successfully working 3 days he gets his transfer to the next branch, which makes life progressively harder. If Jack successfully completes all 4 branches then the Log Company will reward him generously.

    5 stars are located throughout the landscapes. On collecting each star a letter of the word EXTRA appears in the display area. If Jack collects all 5 stars before he completes each day then he will be able to compete in the Bonus Play section. In this section. Jack must jump across the log flume to catch the falling stars. As Jack collects the stars then he gains additional ammunition & bonus score, and if he successfully lights up the word EXTRA then he will gain a bonus life (or bonus umbrella if full lives)

    For each level there is a time level in which the shift must be completed. The amount of logs required for each shift is shown at the Log Company window. If Jack doesn't complete it within the time limit then he will lose a life & must restart the shift. If he is in the Bonus Play section & time as elapsed then he will still progress to the next day.

    Chopping: If Jack has a sharp axe then he will automatically chop away at the tree by moving him passed the trunk.

    Axe grinder: After 4 chops at a tree Jack's axe will be blunt & require sharpening. Jack must stand at the axe grinder for this
    to happen. The first axe grinder of the game is located in the starting screen to the left of the Log Company. Jack begins each
    game with a sharpened axe.

    Umbrella. On collecting the Umbrella Jack will be shielded from certain dangers & will appear to flicker until the shield runs out & Jack will be mortal once more.

    Cloud 9: Sometimes there will be a large gap between where Jack is & where he wants to be. By waiting until Cloud 9 appears
    Jack can then jump safely onto it and then jump again across to the other side before it disappears.

    There are 4 branches of the Log Company. Each one in a different location, with 3 shifts to be completed in each. The 4 branch locations and Jack's ammunition are:

    (1) Pleasant Valley Jack throws Apples
    (2) Winterwonderland Jack throws Snowballs
    (3) Sunshine Safari Jack throws Frisbees
    (4) Deadmans Gulch Jack throws Fool's Gold

    The controls are as follows:
    0 & P (Joystick LEFT/RIGHT) to move Jack LEFT & RIGHT
    Q (Joystick UP) +direction make Jack climb UP slides
    A (Joystick DOWN) to make Jack JUMP
    SPACE (Joystick FIRE) Jack throws Ammunition.
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    Thanks for those instructions

    Not sure if this is the place to put these, but if anyone wants to cheat on this nice game might want to try the following:

    57640,x: ammo (0-255)
    57784,x: lives (1-255)
    57740,x: logs needed to complete a screen (must be at least 1!)
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    There is an actual cheatmode within the game (there is one in all our games!) usually in the opening bit/front end.

    Can anybody see it/find it?
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    Hi Graham,

    Great wee game! Have you seen the post by Simon Ullyatt (chaosmongers) about the new 'homegrown' retro software label he is starting? Might be an ideal way to get long lost games like Hop'n'Chop finally properly (i.e. on tape!) released to the world.

    (Of course as a collector of Spectrum originals, I have a keen interest in seeing as many games properly launched as possible.) :o)


    degsy :o)
    Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?

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    Hmm very interesting,

    I've got a tape here which I'll be dumping that contains Hop 'n' Chop, I guess it's a pre-release as it says version 1 and version 2.

    Dunno if it's the same as this one, but I'll check my hard drive soon.


    Andy Barker (ZX MIA/STP/SDP maintainer -
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    Sounds intriguing. Is it an Atlantis tape? Or just a blank cassette which has been scribbled on?

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    The game is great, I just played it. I still think, "Heartbroken" is better, but Hop?n?chop isn?t far away from that. The worst bit in Hop?n?chop is, that it is the last ever Shaw Bros game. Sniff!
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    Okay, the tape I have on loan has two versions of Hop 'n' Chop. Version 1 is pre-Atlantis, and Version 2 says Atlantis. The loading screens are different.

    Towards the end of the tape, it has a catalogue from 1990.

    Obviously if Graham doesn't want this distributing then fair enough, I dunno if he has both versions or not ?

    If you wanna discuss this off list then by all means, I'd hate to annoy, if for some reason it should not have fallen into my possesion.

    Rest assured I will respect your decision on what you'd like to do with the TZXs I've made.

    Best wishes

    Andy Barker (ZX MIA/STP/SDP Maintainer -

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    hi all

    i think you must have a copy of the tape i sent to the MIA people (maybe Steve Brown). i sent it and then it got tzx'd and now it (both versions) are available (with my blessing!) in the WoS Archive. The game was almost released by Atlantis before they disappeared. i have made it available on the WoS Archive for Spectrum people to download, play and erm enjoy!

    last ever? maybe we'll do a "reunion tour", ho ho. hey maybe i'll come up with something else when i get around to it.

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