What was it? The game with the oil drips?

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What was the name of the speccy game where you had to get the oil to run in the right direction so it would drip in the right place and 'build a car'? Please help!!!
And was there one called "postman nasty" or something?
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    an alll-time classic - Turmoil by Bug-Byte..one of my favourites too :)
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    "Postman Nasty" may be "Mailstom", a weird game that is not as good as you remember it being.
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    "Mailstrom", even
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    Mailstrom was very weird. I remember being chased by everyone after setting off a bomb! You could always escape in your trusty mail van though. I wonder if this game gave the idea to make Postal?! :)
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    Yep it's turmoil alright....one of my old favourites too!
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