Specdrum 3.1 is being released

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The new version is finished and will be posted on the website tomorrow

loads of new sounds some new features midi is working great

i will post a new post with all details tomorrow

Lee B
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    I was doing final tesing on some parts and i found a couple of bugs nothing serious but i have fixed them now and also i lost the demo songs folder in the process so i am now just re-adding them and hopefully it will be available later today.

    Sorry about that....

    just to add to this i have added a virtual keyboard software in to the equation so when you run the module and you dont have a midi keyboard you can use this to test it.

    also if you dont have a midi device either on your laptop or main machine then you can download

    midi yoke for win98/me/2000/xp from http://www.midiox.com/myoke.htm#Download

    install this and it will give you virtual midi ports


    Please Note.....

    The virtual keyboard software is freeware and is nothing to do with Specdrum 3 its just an addon

    i will post again to let you know its available


    Lee B
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    I lost my hard drive the other day and thank god for ghost because i did a ghost image the same day the hard drive with all my data locked and stopped completely.......

    i did a complete drive to drive image so now i put another hard drive in and back up running again what a polava.

    well back to work on it and i will get it uploaded soon

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