SpecDrum 3.1 Has Been Released :)

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Finally i got it finished.......

And now its released.

Things added :

10 full drumkits (40 sounds in each kit )

3 Bass synth set (Pizzacato,synth-bass Standard-bass) more to come....

1 midi module for use with a midi keyboard or drum machine or sequencer

1 Virtual Keyboard software (for those who dont have a midi keyboard)

As mentioned before if you are using a laptop or a system without midi devices then you can go to the link at the bottom of this text and download midi yoke for xp / vista this will give you virtual midi ports.

The main program

Drum editor

Bass synth

Drumkit Editor

And a few more

Comes with a help file built in , just access from the main menu

I hope this come of use to some people and i hope you enjoy the software

not long ago i made the specdrum remake of the original which is available on the wos server and if you liked it then you will like this new version

its now available on the specdrum 3 website

Thanks for listening

Lee Broadhurst

6th August 2008(c)

here are the links

to get midi yoke


The Website
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    Hi again ,

    Just to let you know that i am working on the sound module basically the sound module is the same as the drum module with a few little differences

    each module can have a certain midi channel assigned to it so basically when first run the drum module is set to channel 10 but this can be changed to a midi channel from 1 - 16

    the sound module when first run is set to channel 1 and can be changed from 1-16

    the drum module supports 40 sounds and each sound can be volume set from 1 - 10 and pan from left center or right

    the sound module has midi control for master volume and master pan only

    i will add some sounds for this but at the moment i am working on the sample loop so when you press a key the sample will continue at the users setting so for example you load a sample set with strings you dont want the string to end while the key is pressed , so basically it will play until you let go , but as i say this will be user set to each sample set , so when you load in the set and edit it you can save the set out with the setting for each note , am i making sense?

    anyways i am just keeping you in the loop <---- get it (samples huh) :)

    i will keep you posted on here and on the specdrum3 site about it

    i have used 2 drum modules and 4 sound modules running with no dropouts and no lag or latency problems through midi etc.....

    so its very promising

    thanks for listening


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