How can I make my own icons in windows??

How can I make my own icons in windows??

They are .dll files, must I save bitmaps in that format?? with which program..

help please
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    In windows 3.1, which is the last windows version I ever used :), you could save icons in bitmap format, but with a .ico extension. Should be the same... I suppose the size must match, too (what is it, 64x64?)
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    A piece of shareware software called Microangelo 98, from Impact Software looks like it might be just what you're after.
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    thanx for the help, I found a 21-days trial version at microangelo webpage..

    thanx again, Im surprised I cannot save icons with photoshop..
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    You can. Windows 95 upwards (probably not 3.1, but people who use that are in the same catergory as people who use OS/2 - insane) is quite happy to use BMP files as icons. I did a load for my various DOS games using loading titles (eg for DOOM II I used the big ol' cyberdaemon) - one benefit of this method is that you can have high colour. With the DOOM example you'll find loads of icons but they're sixteen colour. I cannot tell you how much better 256 colour upwards looks with my custom DOOM icons. Plus Windows 95 would support pretty large icons, 64x64 - you don't get many icos like that- not even sure it's supported.
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    i found a way to get your icons at a higher color, with transparency.

    design your icon and save as 24-bitmap. the outer part of your icon should be a color that isn't in your picture, so pick any and fill the spaces that are to be transparent. with a decent GIF program set that color as transparent. save as GIF. reload into MSPaint and save again as 24-bitmap.

    now when you load the bitmap into a viewer youll see the par tthat is suppsed to be transparent, but when you use it as an icon it WILL be transparent so no big deal.

    of course, rename the bitmap to *.ico

    oh yea, go 16x16 - 32x32 - 64x64 etc.

    microangelo? hmmm. i dont know that one too well, i think i tried it once, but i uninstalled it. id recommend Icon Forge.

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    Heh, I think it may be easier than that.

    If I recall correctly, when I made the icons in order to get a transparant edge I simply used index colour 255 - in the Doom palette this is cyan and is used for transparancy too. It seems to be a general thing that this index is used to denote transparant areas.
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    yes, ive also noticed that in general by default Cyan is used to indicate transparent areas but doesn't necessarily mean that it will be transparent. it depends on the program if your drawing has the exact same shade of Cyan doesn't mean it will be transparent, only the Cyan used within the program and intentionally filled with this color will be transparent. the transparent color can often be changed to whatever you like too.

    this wont work in windows.
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