Heres one for you tooo make some money :) For MIA`s

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You have a massive archive "INFOSEEK", but i know you dont allow offsite looking at this source of info.

But if you produced a CD with this info on it and sell it, its not copyright in any way????? So no probs there?

Im not on about downloads you can get at the moment, but the entire "INFOSEEK" engine.

Just an idea, as i would love to have that offsite access.

But if this isnt going to happen, no worries, just an idea for money thats allllll....

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    Infoseek can be compiled to work off-line, but as I now have broadband, I can check up at any point on-line these days :).

    We're not a profit making organisation and not in it for the money, the work on the infoseek engine is Martijns (The Site Owner and Maintainer). It's his choice if there were to be an off-line infoseek available, which I doubt.
    It's possible, but you'd have to download a 4MB+ database for it to consult and build the relevant output you required, it's constantly being update as we find new/corrected information, so it's ever evolving, it's probably not feesable at this time to make such a beast.

    An interesting thoughht to put into the pot, but unfortunately, I doubt it will happen.

    Best wishes

    Andy Barker (ZX MIA/STP/SDP Maintainer -

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    The Infoseek database is still being updated on a daily basis - not only because we find corrections or new information, but also to expand the functionality.
    For example, I'm adding country codes for all publishers at the moment, allowing one to see in which countries each game was published (and generate per-country STP lists and help in the copyrights project).
    Many other things are planned as well.

    I wouldn't know how to put it on CD, seeing that it's a fully relational database in my own binary format (for speed). The frontend and backend tooling only run on Linux.

    Besides, as Andy mentioned, we're not in this for any profit, hence the .org at the end of the domain name :)
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    Ah, fair play, didnt mean for profit, i meant as a means for funds for the project.

    And yes your database is very dynamic, and will be changing for the next 50+years. lol

    Although you run of a Linux system, im sure Apache for X86 can be transported, or one of those Microsoft thingies could help. Mind you like you said more of a knightmare, to work out how to update it offline.

    Thanks for your thoughts and replies. Points taken, and i also have Broadband, alas nothing like have it offsite;)

    Thanks Again
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