The hills are alive with the sound of...silence? Music in Nemesis the Warlock 128

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I know that there is music in the game somewhere, but where is it? Do you have to turn it on (Oo er!!!). Or am I being very stupid?

P.S. I'am using Spectaculator 5.0
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    Sorry, I know nothing about the music but I would love to be able to play this game! But after downloading it from the archive as a .tap it loads up the loading screen but stops there. I press some keys but nothing. Any ideas?
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    From what I remember there is AY music on the title page, but not during the game.

    To get the title page up it requires a very light press of the keyboard and the music should play. A hard press of the keyboar will result in the game starting again.

    The music is by Rob Hubbard and is very catchy!

    I am from that generation, when Pluto was still a planet, and the Earth is round.

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    Thanks MatGubbins. Mmmmm....nice music.
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    Yep nice tune but i hate to say it, the c64 hubbard version rox!
  • It's one of my favourite chip tunes, but the C64 version as Ted points out, it's a classic...
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