starmaker by d hawkins (design by r hawkins)

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Found this on a cassette also (not original).
Can't find it in infoseek, so I guess its missing in action. Maybe I should just make one thread here and post stuff as I find it.

Found a lot of my old code too. Shame I lost most of my more recent stuff due to sir clives crappy microdrive system.
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    I made a TZX. Not sure if the pause between headers/blocks is ideal as the source is a copy. You might want to clean this up a bit, and make a tap too I guess ?

    Get the TZX here:
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    The TZX is fine, it'll just be tagged as "Unidentified Backup Copy" and it's status set to STP until we find more information about it's publication.

    Out of interest when you mention old code, did you write any commercial software on the Spectrum (or any other platform for that matter) ?

    Wonder if one of the authors was Dave Hawkins, perhaps with his brother ?:^Dave+Hawkins$&loadpics=1
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    Nothing commercial, although I wish I had sent more of my code in to magazines before I lost it all!. I got published a couple of times in ys practical pokes for some cracks/trainers for games.

    But that's all.

    I'm still going through a load of cassettes so I will post anything new I find.

    It might well be that guy. This game was created with the help of some tool I think (I read that in the game somewhere i think), and the dave hawkins listed used quill to create some adventures, but that's the only very vague link. Perhaps once its posted if a message it put asking ofr more info hawkins might find it and give more information.
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    It's a pity you have lost all the stuff you wrote back in the day.

    But your help recovering MIAs is really appreciated!!
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    THANKS a ton !

    Agesss ago i posted a thread about a music simulation type game where you had concerts, tried to get to number 1 etc and i was sure it was called Star Maker but i think most people hadnt heard of it.

    THIS is it ! I knew i wasnt going mad ! I bought this back in the day, played it tons ! Really liked it so cheers Exobuzz !

    Been looking for this for ages in the archive, glad its finally here !!
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    :D Makes it all worthwhile!
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