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  • Well God of War seems alright so far, only played it just past the first boss, threw me off a bit how it plays though. I'm not used to playing God of War with the shoulder buttons as attacks, but it's not all bad since I play a lot of ESO it means at least my fingers won't get confused with which game I'm playing when I alternate, the action seems a bit more methodical, I wouldn't say slower paced, but it's not as mental as the other games were.

    Feels more like I'm playing Skyrim though :))
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  • Still working through RDR2 - only completed 20% of the story and 30% of the total game - this could take a while :D
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    OK I'm sold on God of War, too many unanswered questions, too much crazy going on...Just beat the Stranger, but I feel like it's not the last I'll see of him.

    Weird stuff going on here, and apparently a big emphasis on parrying attacks very early on, the others in the series kind of let that slide until later in the game, yes it's available to more skilled players, but you can let it slide til' way later on usually, and as I said earlier the action seems a lot more methodical. Not sure what to make of Arteus, but it doesn't surprise me that Kratos' son would be a sickly feeble weed compared to his dad, but I'm sure he'll surprise me (or maybe not) later on in the game by showing just how strong he actually is.

    The game seems a little more open, but I still feel like it's gonna be linear to a certain degree, not much to explore in branching paths, and most seem to lead to a dead end with a chest, or a prize or secret of some kind, pretty much the same deal as the other games, although this does seem a little more open than just a side path to a dead end with a "thing" to pick up, that you can only get by not going the intended way.

    Anyway so far having fun, and quite liking the lack of insight as to what's going on, I mean we know who and what Kratos is, we kind of know at this early stage his son has absolutely no idea...….So....So far this game is mashing several idea together. It literally feels like I'm playing a mix of Skyrim, God of War, and The Last of Us......These 3 game styles put together aren't a bad thing at all though, infact what little I've played I've thoroughly enjoyed so far.

    It's gonna take quite a bit to top Ghost of Sparta though, so far that's my fave God of War game even if it is one of the PSP prequel/mid-story games as adverse to one of the main titles. It was awesome, and made Kratos' bad luck with living family members even more sad...
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    Jesus Christ on a bicycle.....I decided I was going to finish off the Amon fight on Judgement tonight no matter what, and I just did, and afterwards my wrist and forearm are sore, and I've actually broke a huge sweat, feels more like I had a wanking marathon than playing a bloody video game :))

    Early on in the fight if Amon grabs you he steals your phone so you can't pause the game, or use any items other than what are in your quick selection slots. If you can beat him up enough to get him to the point he switches his fighting style you can keep your phone, but it makes no real difference anyway, you're more likely to die after unpausing the game when he's fully powered up. But even though he has 8 health bars it doesn't matter, as once you get him down to the last 2 he puts up a shield which basically means you're chipping away about as much damage as blocking a special move in a fighting game, but that's not per hit, that's per combo, Heat actions do only slightly more damage. So the guy might as well have 50 bars of health, he got my phone which meant I couldn't pause, so I couldn't take a breather when things got intense.

    But needless to say I've done it, so yay! I think I may just finish the game and shelve it tonight, not sure I can be arsed to do the Drone Races, as I don't really need to. I don't really need the free play pass for Dice & Cube anymore my character has plenty of money. So I think I'm done really...
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  • If someone had called while you were in the boss fight you could have replied to your missus "Sorry I can't take that call, my phone is gone!" :-c
  • Nah I'd have just ignored it...
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  • OK I fell asleep last night before I could finish Judgement, but I finished it off this morning, and did end up shelving it.

    Unlike the Yakuza series there's little in the way of actual extras or bonuses to keep you playing after you've finished it up. But it was still an excellent game, and I'd highly recommend it to anybody who enjoys the Yakuza series. Plus the Amon fight, and the game ending hints there may be a sequel in the next year or so.

    I'd love it if there were a sequel, but a series of Judgement games alongside the Yakuza series would probably mean that Boozy spends the rest of his gaming life in Kamurocho :))

    Anyway still can't claim my daily rewards, and do my grindy stuff on ESO for another hour or there about, so I've been playing God of War again for the last few hours, and it's still good, and it's still fun, but I have noticed a bit of fake difficulty syndrome creeping in here and there.....It's becoming a little annoying, but it's still not gamebreaking, but I've noticed enemy placements in certain situations being really, really, cheap. I'm not even far into the game, and they're throwing groups of enemies at me that all require special types of defense, and attack, I'm not sure I'm actually complaining, as I do like a challenge here and there, but introducing me to these enemies, then flinging them at me every 5 minutes is a bit rough, as I'm not really that far into the game yet, and I really feel like I'm still just dipping my toes in the water as it were. Although I'm sure once I get a little further, and start gaining more XP, and open up the skill tree a little more these enemies will fall beneath me in seconds...….Just gotta get there though :))
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  • Stick with God of war, boozy. It’s aces.There are some bits that kick your ass for a while (and others that you need to return to when stronger) but it’s such a great game. I loved it.
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  • Yeah I'm a good ways past where I was earlier, currently getting my bum f*cked by Brenna Daudi, which is annoying as it's pretty much the same fight as Daudi Kaupmadr, which I didn't have too much trouble with. But I'm gonna take a wee break from GOW soon, as it's almost ESO grindy time. Although that doesn't take long really 20 minutes or so, but I may play something else after that, just so I don't burn myself out.....Although as always realistically I have way too many games to play.....So many I want to play, so little time :))
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    Playing God of War again, currently just sailing round the Lake of Nine, and having a blast, the game has opened up a bit now, and even though this just seems like a bit of a distraction from the main story it's fun, not used to God of War being this open. Freed my first spirit, which seemed well worth it actually (Not gonna jinx it by saying it was easy, because the rest will no doubt not be), and had my first Realm Tear encounter at the Nilfheim Tower.....Erm I'll be returning here much much later....I basically got swatted!

    I mean really, I'm a pretty decent gamer, and I've not been bitch smacked like that since I was playing Bloodborne :))
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  • To stand a chance at Nilfheim Tower you need to drink Nilfgaardian lemon!
  • I don't think food items from the Witcher are available to me in this game ;)
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  • Just noticed that Yakuza Kiwami is on Xbox Game Pass, might download it and give it a play, I never actually finished Yakuza 0 so no idea how this will go :)
    So far, so meh :)
  • I'm still mostly playing RDR2 and New Vegas - both games have lots of people to kill! Polo would love that :D
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  • Heheh, I am finishing off Plague Tale (3 acts left), then I can get back to killing everything in AC:Odyssey, then I may try Yakuza Kiwami, then back to FO :D
    So far, so meh :)
  • Been playing God of War quite a bit, found a lot of places I can't do anything with at the minute, so will have to remember to go back to a load of them. Working my way through Alfheim now, but thankfully my earlier curiosity has rewarded me with some pretty powerful attacks, and some decent armour, but I'm still finding the Dark Elves to be annoying little basts, especially when there's 4 or 5 of them at once, and they're whizzing all over the place. The one skill that let's you focus and get multiple hits when throwing your axe is a godsend (no pun intended)…

    Game is quite tough, but it does seem to become a little fairer as you balance yourself against the harder enemies, basically it's not super hard unless you go somewhere you're not really supposed to, which I obviously do, because I'm me :))
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  • Finally finished A Plague Tale: Innocence. Quite enjoyable really. The last Act (well second from last as the last Act is just an ending) was a bitch for me, took about 35 mins to beat the villain heh). All videos have been converted and are uploading to a YT playlist if anyone wants to take a look at the game. NOTE: I do not cut out the repeated deaths. Well, apart from the second from last act as I died A LOT ! :D Will upload Acts 11 to 17 one a day :)

    So far, so meh :)
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    Still on God of War and I've stopped p*ssing around, and am on my way up the mountain again. Figured I'd done enough exploring, and hit enough dead ends to continue on with the story.

    Pretty good so far, managed to do a few of the Realm Tears now without completely getting my arse handed to me, and I like how the more you progress (although predictably) Artreus is starting to get a little more ballsy, occasionally challenging Kratos on moralistic type stuff, and even answering back sometimes now :))

    Lot more puzzles, and obstacles popping up now as well, nothing too taxing, but a few really crap ones that had me scratching my head for a few only to realise the answer was right under my nose, or more commonly as I've noticed here above my head ;)
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    Still playing God of War...

    But gonna take a minute to share some horrible news about The Last of Us 2....I've not watched any of the leaked spoiler vids, I've not listened to any audio, I've avoided videos detailing the leak.....But it appears that Naughty Dog have f*cked up royally, and I will not be buying this game at all until it's either dropped free on PSn, or on sale for $10.....they've turned it into an SJW sh*t show, and ironically the people they tried to pander to hate it as well, so it's getting pulled back another few months....Will they change the script? possibly? Will they re-write? After all this time probably not?

    But I don't care if Ellie is a lesbian, that was kind of pointed at in her recollections in the main game, and in her possibly more than close relationship with her best friend Riley in the DLC to the main game. That's not the issue here, but apparently they've shoehorned another female character in who kisses Ellie, also not a problem, but apparently there's a nutty transsexual who's out to kill her and her new love.

    The pandered to crowd are hating the game because now they're saying they wrote in a trans person to kill off a lesbian couple....I see where the perpetually offended get their ammo here to be honest, oh the trials and tribulations of trying to keep everybody happy, and trying not to offend anybody...Good job you offended all the people you were trying not to offend, and basically made all the people who were indifferent, or were just looking for a good game not want to play it..

    Not sure if the next part is true, but I'll post it in spoiler tags anyway, and if it is this is part of what the rage is about....Not because of the gender/pronoun/sexuality of the character, but because of what the player is forced to do...

    Supposedly there's giant shitstorm on tw@tter, and Reddit, and wotnot about crunch at Naughty Dog and long term employees being mad about Neil Druckmann's position, saying he had nothing to do with the original game and so on, but I don't read that crap, and I'm not going to take the time to, that's part of the net I avoid like the plague.

    I will also not be watching the TV series, that looks like pandered woke bullshit as well!
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  • I know that this game is supposed to be about hate, the opposite to the original being about love, but if you're right about what's in that spoiler then wtf??

    Neil Druckmann had nothing to do with the original??? That's clearly BS by those devs as it's well known he underwent a crap-load of training in script writing, character-development techniques for TLOU. He also directed the actors (IIRC you see it in the making-of) so I call BS on that one.
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    I'm still sitting back, and am hopeful the game does well as the first game which is literally one of the best story driven playthroughs I have ever experienced, but it's not a pre-order or day one purchase for me, as much as I want to have faith in Naughty Dog for this one I can't!

    I'm gonna have to sit this one out until I can get a better handle on what's going on with the game, and see how much of the hate is overblown crap, or if the total sh*t show is legit?

    I'll still end up buying it probably, but like I say if they wrecked it $10 from the bargain bin in 3 years time...
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    I'll probably still get it on day one - I've been waiting for this since 2013 and I don't buy that many games these days, just those I've been really looking forward to.

    Hopefully it's not going to be a mess. But I hoped that for the latest Star Wars trilogy and on Star Wars day I suffered through the final act of the latest trilogy. Okay, it's not Last Jedi bad (one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and ROS does try to clean up the mess that Rian Johnson made) and I admit that I enjoyed the first hour but after that nearly every scene contained a "Wait, what?" moment. A ridiculously over-powered hero that should be in a Marvel movie, terrible and discarded plot lines, a bad guy who had the potential to be awesome but turned out more of a whiny bitch than Anakin, and stretching suspension of disbelief to the max (I know it's Star Wars but there were far too many WTF moments).

    And did Finn's character really do anything in the final movie other than yell his friends names at every opportunity?

    Such a shame as TFA was quite a decent SW movie that set up some interesting stuff. TLJ sh*t all over every idea and plot line that movie had and ROS tried to clean up the mess but made too many similar mistakes. I think part of the problem was it gave us characters we really didn't care about like we did with Luke, Leia, Han and Vader. Rey is just a comic book character who becomes the most powerful being ever, capable of dealing with a bad guy who's trained his entire life, without having to train or learn anything. It's like she went from novice to 7th Dan in a few weeks. Finn doesn't ever really seem to do anything and Po - well who the hell is he? What I do know about him is he's the dullest character in the SW universe - he's like a main character who should be a side character. Come back George, all is forgiven.
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    Still on God of War right now, doing pretty good and things have eased up a lot.

    I've completely plundered all the random islands, and beaches in the Lake of Nine (there is still a Traveler at the top of one of the towers I need to kill, he was insanely hard the last time I tried, kept 1 shotting me, but I might stand a chance now), done a load of side quests, found loads of secrets, and I'm pretty beefed up now. Just got my Blades back yesterday, was thinking it'd be a shame to go the entire way through the game with just 1 weapon, of course they're pretty puny right now compared to my axe

    Sadly I've not found anything armour wise that really catches my eye. I'm wearing a full set of Tyr's armour right now, which isn't the greatest by a long shot, but it's serving me pretty well (It's been good enough to get me through a few Muspelheim trials without me getting completely flattened anyway), plus fully upgraded has 9 enchantment slots, which is obviously very useful. All epic, and legendary stuff I've found doesn't really do it for me though, it all seems to come at the cost of something I'm not wanting to lower. Same with the weapons as well though I'm still using the Versatile Warrior's Handle for my axe, as even the Legendary Pommels I've found seem shite compared to it, and it's one of the first ones you get :))

    Doing a few more side quests, and then I'm back to the main story again, have opened, but haven't entered Tyr's Vault yet, and am going to resist the urge to backtrack, and open the hidden chambers, although I've already opened 2 of them, and placed the things from them in the place they need to be placed.....I still need to find one more chamber anyway, so I'm going to wait until I do. Strangely enough what I found inside the chambers was not that hard, I was expecting to get stomped into the ground, but no I actually didn't struggle too much...

    Thing that gets me is with a game like this my inner hoarder, or just greed often gets the better of me, other than these other areas where you can just explore I know I saw areas in the main story so far that had chests or areas obscured by Red Sap, or Hel Brambles, or had magically sealed doors.....no not going to go back until later, not going to go back until later....
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    God of war still...

    Gotta be getting near the end of the story, got the pathway to Jotunheim as my current story marker, and I'm sure that can't be too far from the end at all, but I keep getting sidetracked with exploring, you know for a series that's pretty linear usually this has a lot of side stuff to do, which I actually think I like.

    Trying to free captured dragons right now, not too hard, but I have noticed the side story stuff is way harder than the main story, I'm a little weary of upgrading too much incase I make the end too easy for myself, although I suppose if I'm having too much of an easy time I could always go to the settings and increase the difficulty :))

    I managed to craft the Dwarf Kings Legendary Armour, but it's a bit crap tbh, so I haven't equipped it, but I may if I can get enough resources to fully upgrade it. Of course by the time I have the resources to do that I'll have something better, and end up holding out to upgrade that instead :))

    EDIT: Just noticed a random fight marker for a troll appeared on my map? Can't think what I did to uncover that, but I'm off to fight the troll now :))

    EDIT: EDIT: Erm….well "DEATH EATER" was a complete bitch was expecting a real challenge, but I destroyed him in seconds, I'll be honest compared to all the other optional fights I'm a little disappointed, I've fought Draugr's that were harder than this :))
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  • Im currently playing FRED, on the zx spectrum, its game of the week on the sinclair society page on arsebook
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  • What am I doing? Well, the postman - or, rather, some bloke in a Honda Jazz from Hermes - called this morning with a package...


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    Finished God of War, what an epic f*cking ride that was totally worth every minute I spent with it.

    Saved the game a few times before I went home to get the proper ending, just incase I can't continue on afterwards, but WTF are Sony doing with their end credits, jeebus! This is worse than a Squ-enix, or Nintendo RPG! The end credits have been rolling for close to 40 minutes now, just white text on a black background.....How long is it gonna go on for? :))

    EDIT: No sooner do I complain about how long the credits went on for they ended :))

    Can't wait for the sequel to this, there obviously has to be one, as they've literally only started this saga, there's too much unanswered, too much potential for awesome epic craziness like the original series, and too much potential for all the characters to be left hanging.

    I do like though that the Studio have said there will be no DLC for other realms, or story progression, very rarely does any studio (Especially a Sony Studio) put a game out like this with so much potential to gank money from their patrons left, right, and centre, by carrying it on episodically, and then say no this is the complete product, you'll have to wait for answers :))
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  • Finished Days Gone.

    A far, far better game than pro reviewers ever gave it credit for.
  • The end credits have gone on for a while though....
  • Thankfully you can speed scroll them.

    Still took minutes though.
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