Image to ZX Spec 1.0.5 "Omega" Released

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Image to ZX Spec 1.0.5 can be downloaded from the usual place or tried out online.

This is mostly a small improvement release with a couple of nice new features - notably Omega provided the idea for a new ordered dither which is implemented as "Ordered 2x2 (Omega)". The effect can produce some good half-shades, especially useful on faces. Also added in is a non squared 2x1 ordered dither.
With this release out of the door I'm now refactoring the code to do multithreaded (or cored) simultaneous image conversions with previews along with some better hardware acceleration (current acceleration is image display - not processing - only). Next release will be 1.1.

Version 1.0.5

* Added Bayer Ordered Dither (2x1)
* Added Omega Ordered Dither (2x2)
* Minor code changes including better error messages.
* Remembering directory locations in the file dialogs
* OpenGL hardware acceleration switch (disabled by default, source
code only adjustment required to enable it due to instability and
currently only rendering display improvements).
* Small UI changes
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