Here is a list of all the games on the Amstrad e-mailer.

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I reallydon't recommend getting this e-mailer for the Spectrum games! I bought it cos my BT e100 died.

Anyway this is a list of the games, as a couple of people asked me;

** Arcade / Shoot 'Em Up **

Space Raiders (A Classic)
Hostile All- Terrain Encounter
Light Force
Cosmic Debris (Asteroids)
Moon Cresta
Pheenix (A Classic)

** Arcade / Platform Games **

Donkey Kong (A Classic)
Turbo Tortoise
Chuckie Egg
Rolling Thunder
Bubble Bobble
Jet Set Willy 2
Bomb Jack (A Classic)
Manic Miner (A Classic)
Bomb Fusion
High Street

** Action Adventure **
Ms Pacman (A Classic)
Wizards lair
Hopper (Frogger)
Rogue Trooper
Ant Attack
Dan Dare 3
Venom Strikes Back

** Sport/ Simulation **

Crazy Cars 2 (A Classic)
Enduro Racer (A Classic)
3-D Tank Duel
3-D Deatchase
720 degrees

** Puzzle / Strategy **

Scrabble (A Classic)
Tetris (A Classic)
Eric and the Floaters
Boulder Dash
Krakout (Breakout)

** New Games **

Crystal Castles
Missile Defence
Pinball Power
Prison Riot
Ultimate Warrior

The category headings, and stuff in brackets is Amstrads wording as it appears on the screen.

top ten games currently are;

Space Raiders
Crazy cars 2
Ms. Pacman
Donkey Kong
Turbo Tortoise
Chuckie Egg
Wizards Lair

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    Whats the sound like on these? AY chip stuff?
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    The sound isn't too bad at all, to be fair.

    The real problem is the display. It's frankly awful. A two tone screen, a wee bit like the old skool Green Screen monitors. A few games work on this format, most don't.

    i.e BOMBJACK or Scrabble.

    on the former you cant see where the bombs are fizzing, and on the latter the letters are hard to read.

    It now costs ?1 to download a game, which self deletes after 7 days.

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    Is that the email phone there selling in asda for ?40, its an amstrad with a screen and a pull out keyboard?If it is i might have to get one.
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    Sounds likely - see the picture at (not that I've got one or anything like that)
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    Crazy Cars 2 (A Classic)

    Lying bastards.
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    The e-mailer shows adverts night and day, you can't disable it. Crazy Cars 2 is something they must be proud of as it features heavily. LOL
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    thats the one Phil. Thanks.

    Anyone care for a jelly baby?

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