Gamebase ZX - GMENU script for ZX Spin needed !

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Hello all,

Just finished setting up GameBase ZX this evening, all seems to be working well. It's currently is setup for launching the Gleck spectrum emulator. I want to change this so it launches ZX Spin (and launch emulator in full screen mode).

Does anybody have a Gamebase ZX 'GMENU' script for launching ZXSpin emulator?

If anybody can help here, I would be most greatful !

Edit: I notice there is a GMENU script for launching Spin, but upon running GameBase emulator setup wizard, the script for spin is not listed so I cannot select it? Version of Spin I use is 061.
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    Can anyone help me with this? I posted this two weeks ago, and nobody has replied, their must be some Gamebase ZX users out there who can help??

    Thanks !
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    if it's been this long I'm wondering if anyone does use it. Don't think I would myself, seems like to much faffing around for my taste.
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