Can you be 100% certain you have listed any

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of the software house completely accuratly?

Wot i means is :- Are all the titles there for any particular software house you can say, yeap thats all there was, with absolute certanty?

Im not on about the presered, just all the titles which were availble from the software publisher.

B4 you flame me, and im sure about 6 people thinking about doing it already, tis just a question. and ive got Asbestos on, so it will do you more damage than me ;)

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    The simple answer is that the information in infoseek is not 100% by quite a long way.

    There are quite a few titles listed under one software house but not the second house used for its rerelease.

    Nobody Has a definatve list of all the releases made for the Spectrum.

    Quite a few titles had a number of different covers and hence some confusion arises there.

    Having said that if the information doesn't come in its difficult to correct the data so its up to everybody out there who either has additional information or corrections to submit them so these things can be corrected.

    Its still the most accreate source of information out there so help to make it better.
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