How do I convert a spectrum audio tape into a spectrum file?

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Hi there,
I have a couple of old tapes lying around with some v.old spectrum basic programs written many years ago.
I'd like to digitise these for posterity.
Which tools should I use to go about this?
Presumably I've got to play the tape through the sound card, record it as a wav and then use some tool to convert the audio signal into a byte stream so it can be saved out as one of the spectrum PC formats?
The tape image is just the image created by typing "Save" in zx basic
Any help appreciated
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    or the daddy's method:

    if you have any commercially released software that is missing from the archive, then please let us know!

    for your BASIC programmes you could of course just save the sound file as a VOC or WAV...



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    Paul seems to have beat me to it.

    Anyhow, before you try some heavy duty conversions you might want to check out Spectaculator's "load from audio source" option .

    If you have set up everything correctly (tape recorder->soundcard. volume+mixer settings), all you need to do is fire up the Spectaculator emulator->tools->load from audio source. Play tape and wait. Hopefully it would load the game, which you can later save as a TZX. Mind you, I never had any success with Spectaculator in loading old tapes, but apparently many haven't had any trouble with it.

    If you want a "perfect" TZX of the tape, you are better of using MakeTZX. I've had mixed success with it, but it did help me recover some really ancient programs from tape!

    Do check out Andy's guide to making TZX. It's very helpful. For further info, check the Misc forum where there are many threads on the topic.

    BTW, this thread actually belongs in the Misc. section. You are more likely to get relevant answers there for topics like this.:)
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    thanks for your help... what is the best speccie emulator for the PC these days... not checked for a year or so?
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    On Windows: Spectaculator and Spin.

    On Dos: Real Spectrum and Warajevo.

    Unix: idea! :)
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