What (Speccy) game are you currently playing ?



  • You win a gold star sir! :D
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  • Been playing Dan Dare (the first one).

    Funny how my the interest in Dan Dare doesn’t fade even tho I completed it (years ago). I used to play Rana Rama every now and then but have never touched it after completing it.

    I can complete sectors 1-4 with my eyes closed, but I can’t seem to get past the last sector in Dan Dare. Any hints or tips?
  • Google is your friend.....
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  • Into the Eagle's Nest .
    Dying quickly on the first level , but the game is addictive .
  • Had a few goes at Clumsy Colin the other day but it's still crap! Has anyone ever managed to complete it as it seems impossible without a cheat,
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  • St. Dragon.

    I remember playing the arcade machine in Adelaide, and the Amiga version in a department store.
    Yesterday, decided to try all the versions.
    I'm playing random tracks from the High Voltage SID Collection for background music with the Speccy sound effects.
    At 3.5 MHz CPU clock the Speccy version has a lot of slowdown, so I changed it to 7 MHz mode in Speculator.
    It is bloody hard, I need to learn to use the tail effectively.

    I might play the C64, Arcade and Amiga versions a bit more to get a better feeling for the tail, and then go back to the Turbo Speccy Edition for the ultimate challenge.

    R-Type for Speccy is also amazing in my opinion, doing so much with so little.
  • alanspec wrote: »
    I played Kane yesterday - really enjoyed it.

    Kane was such a budget gem. It's a shame the fourth stage was basically a retread of the earlier horse one but the archery and shoot out stages gave this some nice variation.

    Really good value for a couple of quid back in the day.

  • Had a go of Rock Star Ate My Hamster but failed to get any gold discs and by the end of the game i only had 1 rock star left the other 3 died in publicity stunts, had 3 singles that made number 7,3 & 5. Didn't bother releasing an album!
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