Whodunnit by Mastertronic

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I've found another one not on the main list... am I expecting too much or is it actually worthwhile mentioning games not on the list? Am I mentioning it in the right place? The Infoseek thingy seemed to find reference to it but as I'm using a printout of the WOS list for reference and I didn't find it, I thought I'd mention it. If I'm not doing the right thing could someone let me know before I add more that I don't find! Cheers icon_eek.gif)
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    There is a game listed in the WOS archives called Spiderzoid by Vinsoft - but when you download the file, it turns out to be just a snapshot of Arkanoid II.
    I've emailed the site to tell them they've got the wrong file there, but last time i checked it was still the misnamed Arkanoid snapshot there.
    It's a pretty obscure game to say the least, the only reason I had a look was cos Vinsoft (which was a young kid who sold games mail order) also "published" a dodgy basic game i wrote when I was in school.
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    Whodunnit is in the tzx vault if you want it:

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    What game was that Neil and is it available on WOS?
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