Boxed ZX Spectrum + with 2 x ZX microdrives, Alphacom32 printer with 3 x thermal roll

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Hi people.

I found a bargain at a carboot on Sunday from somebody who didn't know what he was selling. (Im no expert by a long shot)

Shamefully, I spotted an opportunity to make a profit or do a swap and have decided to pop an ad here before I bother with Ebay.

For sale I have

Boxed ZX Spectrum+
Unit only, no power pack. looks to be in excellent order but untested. Polystyrene insert mostly intact.

2 x ZX Microdrives
Units only, protective film present on both(if a little tatty.) Untested.

Alphacom32 Printer
Looks to be in good condition but untested. Comes with 3 x thermal rolls. Unit only ( has two wires coming from the back, one of the pins looks slightly bent.) Comes with user manual

Tascopy, Tasprint and Tasword 3
tascopy on cassette, other 2 on microdrive disks (is that what they are called?

ZX Spectrum introduction, Microdrive and Interface 1 manual, Zeus Assembler? book, Mega Basic book, Paintbox book

Other cassettes
Supercode III boxed with instructions, ZXSpectrum+ User guide Companion Cassette, Taswide, Cassettes with homemade covers.... Paintbox (proper tape) Mega Basic (looks to be copied tape)

Other bumph and read me files, made by original owner will be included.

I have photos of the lot, but don't know how to upload them here.

Please note that all of the above is untested and is being sold as such.

I am looking for offers, and will wait a week to decide. I personally collect Boxed Sega and Nintendo stuff, so may be open to swaps if any of you have anything.

I did once own a ZX Spectrum 128k +2, but knew what to do with that because ofthe attached tape deck and power supply.

I am based in Nottingham so will accept cash on collection or will accept Paypal +2.5% or bank transfer (no charge)

I honestly don't know how much it will cost to post, but it will be boxed well. I will say ?10 postage, but if it costs any less this will be refunded.

Many Thanks for looking, please don't hate me for shamefully jumping on the sales board with my first post.

Bah just realised this is wanted board
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