FA: ZX Spectrum 128k - Boxed with accessories and game



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    I'll buy your other 128+ if it's for sale for the right price (please).. I can make a nice restoration project out of it..

    PS: I'm not fussed over boxes or that, as long as it's got the power lead..
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    I don't have the original 128k power supply but the "dodgy" 48k one works with it.

    You do realise there is no top half to it, no keyboard, it's the bottom plastic bit and the computer PCB, I think it has the legs too? I do however, have the keyboard membrane from the one I just sold, it's been patched up and was working for a bit, you may be able to do something with it.

    I was tempted to buy a new Keyboard connector, keyboard membrane and use the keyboard from the 48k+ as they are compatible. Would have a fully working machine then but would be missing the 128k logo.

    I can get some photos if you are still interested. Where are you based?
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    It so happens, I have a spare +2 keyboard right next to me.. I'm very intrested...

    (I once found an xbox 360 in ruins over the car boot sale being sold for ?15. Brought it, fixed it all up and sold it for ?80 - but this 128k+ thing would be for me)

    I'm based in Gosport, Hampshire..
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    Ok got some pictures:

    This was originally my friends and he jury rigging the "Ear" connector. He soldered, badly, two wires and used those, in doing so there are a couple of solder melt marks on the top left hand corner of the pastic base.

    I removed this terrible bodge and correctly replaced the ear connector using the 48k+ (hence it's missing from that one). Also, you can see the right hand keyboard connector is missing. Other than that it's fully working:


    Now the PSU, was again bodged by the friend previously mentioned:

    Power connector:

    Do you definitely need the PSU? Its the last one I have for showing my 48k rubber key working. I could always get the pictures now before selling it to you though, if you do need it.
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    I can always get another PSU... As I said, I've got a spare Plus 2 in pieces (the keyboard to which is on my desk here). The EAR/MIC sockets don't matter since I'll be rigging my DivIDE+ onto it. I'll also be using a SCART monitor lead with it..

    What sort of price would you want for it? I can't afford much, especially since I've just spent ?140 on Christmas presents.. (why my niece wants the complete Sex and the City set I have NO idea)
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    How does ?10 + P&P sound?
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    That sounds about right thanks.. I'll have to send you an uncrossed postal order though, we don't have Paypal so if you can send me your address (via PM) please, I'll get it out to you as soon as possible.
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    Sorry to hijack this thread slighty but as it is relevant to the subject, here is an update after spending about two hours cleaning the 128K+ I recently bought from ebay for ?30:


    The heatsink has a chip on the seventh vent down but the white dust is on the scanner (the x run off with the digital camera). It still has dirt that wont easily come off the corner of the keys. It just shows what can be done with a Tesco value cloth, a very small screw driver and a little hard work. It was in a right state when it arrived, I wonder how much the seller could have made if he had cleaned it up in the first place?
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    That has come up well nice! Would have definitely got some more if they'd taken the time!
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