Image To ZX Spec 1.3.0

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Image To ZX Spec 1.3.0

The 8x8 GigaScreen support is probably jumping the shark as other tools will do a better job but it was requested some time ago. I don't intend to do further versions (I said this about 1.2.1) but never say never.



Version 1.3.0
- Added "GigaScreen" palette mode (102 colours).
- Added "Reduced Set Colours" attribute favouritism.
- Added drag and drop support.
- Added proportional 256x192 preview capability to the dither
preview dialog.
- Removed lesser used tape loaders.
- Fixed main window size bug.
- Fixed missing dialog icon bug.
- Improved Contrast slider sensitivity.
- Improved preview repaint for Java >1.6.0_2x.
- Updated readme and about dialog text.
- Updated copyrights.

Download 1.3.0 here.
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    Great tool there brownb2!... Thanks for furnishing our community with yet another release!... (We'll all be hoping and praying that you temporarily lose your memory concerning that comment about donig no further releases, and hope that you can be charmed into continuing this great tool ;)
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    Thanks. The website has been updated with a few examples now. I'm not entirely convinced the (true colour) Gigascreen preview is 100% accurate but then Gigascreen colours are display device dependent anyway. The only other app I've seen that displays Gigascreen SCR images on a PC is RetroX Alpha.
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