Non Spectrum 4 Spectrum Swaps - Anybody ?

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ive amassed a few tapes i dont require, if theres anybody interested, make me an offer, will be put on ebay if nobody is interested.

I would prefer to swap for Spectrum software, however a stupid amount of money could also help ;)

Here da list :-

Namtir Raiders ? Artic
ZX Chess 2 ? Artic
ZX Chess 2 Different Cover - Artic
Chess ? Mikro Gen

Atari 16k
Gridrunner - Llamasoft
Pengon - Microdeal

Welcome Pack -BBC

Blaze ? Ocean
Solo Flight ? No Inlay

Vic 20
Penny Slot ? Interceptor
Chariot Race ? Micro Antics
Race, Hoppit, Type a Tune, Blitz ? 20 Programs

Exorcist - No Inlay
Xzap/Punchy - No Inlay
Intro to Basic Prt. 1 ? No Inlay

Fantasy ? IJK
Probe 3 - IJK
Zorgons Revenge - IJK
Super Meteors ? Softek
Killer Caverns - Virgin

Felix and the Fruit Monsters ? Program Power
Start Programming with the Electron Book
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    Hi Dave,

    You just emailed about the items you'd like to buy off my website (

    Would you be interested in swapping instead, as there are a few titles there that I'd like myself :)

    Let me know if you're interested...


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