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Hi all,

I have a page which URL is:

<a href="

devoted" target="_blank">

devoted</a> to the spanish games done for the spectrum. And I've got a M.I.A list of some of them. I would appreciate if any of you got any of them.

Here they are:

Acid Killer (GunStick) [New Frontier]
El Angel Exterminador [Iber Soft]
Arantxa Super Tennis [Topo Soft]
El Equipo A (GunStick) [Zafiro]
Espejos [Pedro Jos? Rodr?guez Larra?aga]
Frightful [NF Stars]
Gorbaf [Magic Team]
Guillermo Tell (With and without GunStick) [Opera Soft]
Hunting Mix (GunStick) [New Frontier]
Knight Ghost [Manuel Orcera (Dro Soft)]
Lorna (Not the one from Topo Soft) [Dinamic]
Mike Gunner (Without GunStick) [Dinamic]
Misterio en el Monasterio [Dinamic]
Mountain Bike Racer [Positive Soft]
Ormuz [Iber Soft]
Pro-Competici?n [Dinamic]
Saig?n [Magic Team]
Scaramouche [Magic Team]
Shooting Range -Mix I- (GunStick) [New Frontier]
Shootland (GunStick) [Zafiro]
Slapshot [Jos? Antonio Morales-Indescomp]
Solo (Without GunStick) [Opera Soft]
Space Smugglers (GunStick) [MHT-Ingenieros]
Sue?os de Gloria [Dinamic]
Tokyo Warriors [Dinamic]
Trigger (With and without GunStick) [Opera Soft]

Some of them may have never been published but taht is a thing I don't know. icon_smile.gif

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Spain,

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