SIF interface for free

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Hi all,

because I would like to support my HW I make this offer:

SIF interface for free when you write useful application and give it to community.

For example:
Channels support
Some copier (FTP - Speccy)
"mail client"
PC emulator support

some example what has been already written:
What else we allready have:
- "ftp tape emulation" - in beta, could be also finished (source available)
- IRC (By Ub880d)
- backup tool for floppy (by Mike)
- MIDI synthesizer (by Dizzy)
- PC-speccy transfer tool (by Cygnus)

offers you can write to


For just users :-)
- price for interface is 40Euro (without ConnectOne interface for Wifi, Eternet)
- MIDI modul is +10Euro
- ConnectoOne modues: WifiNano - +65Euro, WifiMini +60Euro, EthernetNano +50Euro
Postage about 10Euro
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    For a moment I thought I was finally going to have one of those, but I'm just... a user..
    The software that impressed me the most was the MIDI one and that clip on YT. I've been asking for something similar for years! We just had a topic about it last week. There might be a target user base who play real keyboards and pianos but dislike music making software. This interface could finally allow those artists to compose something for the Speccy!
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    Hmmm. I bought mine and it doesn't work.
    The problem is, I tested it 6 months (or longer) after buying.
    I loaded the MIDI program by Dizzy. No response at all.
    ZX81/ZX Spectrum/Amiga/Atari music:
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    Hi Yerzmeye,

    send me direct mail.
    Did you try some other application? does it work?
    Unfortunatelly I will not visit Forever, but we will found way, how to solve it.
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    I see you have a forum on your website and Hood asked if it was possible to transfer files wirelessly between two SIFs, but I see no reply. Could it be a problem with the forum? It shows there was a reply by admin but when I enter the topic all I see is Hood's question from two years ago.
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    Yes, you are right, pages are little bit outdated.
    Problem why I did not reply is that I could not open my own page in my laptop (company), because of Trend Micro.
    But to answer is. Yes, it is possible, ConnectOne can run in Adhoc, AP client and also as AP. Than there is no problem to open direct link.
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    willcz wrote: »
    Hi Yerzmeye,
    send me direct mail.

    Also, after several tests (and on-board jumpers' changing) - still nothing.
    Is there any auto-diagnosis TAP program for SIF?
    ZX81/ZX Spectrum/Amiga/Atari music:
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    Problem was found (by Yerzmyey).

    He is using Timex 2048. Timex has internal Kempston which is in collision with SIF.
    Problem is not full addressing of internal kempston.

    SIF base port could be moved, than we will se if we can found other location (depending what else is connected).
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