TZX / TAP of Glider Rider 128K

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Can anyone help me find a TZX or TAP version of Glider Rider 128k . The only versions I can find are Z80 snapshots or a TAP file which is a version of the game but has been Multiface saved . I thought I had the original of this game but upon looking in my loft I could not find it !

Also I'm after these other games in their original format preferably in a TZX file ;

Addams Family 128k - Ocean
Bravestarr - US Gold
Cybernation - Players
Dirt Track Racer - Zeppelin Games
DNA Warrior - Cascade
Earthlight 128K - Firebird
Prison Riot - Players Premier
T-Wrecks 128k - Gremlin Graphics
Worm In Paradise - Level 9

Many thanks in advance .
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    I will send you a copy of Glider Rider 128K and DNA Warrior whick I converted from my original tapes awhile back.
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    Just tried to send you the files using your E-Mail link fro the forum but it was rejected.
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    Just tried again - think it's worked this time
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    Some of the mentioned titles can be got from .TZX Vault (, these are:

    Addams Family 128k - Ocean
    Earthlight 128K - Firebird

    I have perfect originals of some of the other titles, which aren't on .TZX Vault or WOS yet:

    Bravestarr - US Gold (Got this)
    Worm In Paradise - Level 9 (Got This)

    Cybernation - Players (Don't know)
    DNA Warrior - Cascade (Don't know)

    Dirt Track Racer - Zeppelin Games (MIS Title)
    Prison Riot - Players Premier (MIS Title)
    T-Wrecks 128k - Gremlin Graphics (MIS Title)


    Andy Barker (MIS Maintainer -
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    Thanks very much to everyone above for the help . Martin , I did get the file you sent me , thanks .

    I also got The Addams Family and Earthlight 128K from the TZX Vault , so thanks to Andy .

    I actually managed to convert a Z80 snapshot of Glider Rider 128k into a TAP file on the same night I put out the wanted message . Basically I worked backwards by saving various blocks of memory using X-128 and Realspec and it worked too !
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    You may want to visit my Perfect Archive:

    Martijn, Steve, I hope you don't mind me using your logo's, if you do I will
    remove them.

    Dave, thank Steve Brown for making .TZX Vault a reality. It's a great
    compliment to WOS, and I love such a site.

    Hmm, it's best to make TZX files directly from tape rather than reversing a Z80.
    They aren't considered perfect unless they were Type-Ins.

    I think I may have Glider Rider 128k as a perfect TZX but I'm not sure, there's so
    much sorting to do, it will take me an eternity.


    Andy Barker (MIS Maintainer -
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