Runestone; is this one done??

I?ve got a copy of this with manual and maps. It?s labeled "Firebird" and "HOT" and it?s b*st*rd to get off tape into anything else, so, I want to know if I should keep on recording and converting, or can I start participating with the rest of the world?

If I remember correctly I?ve been in touch with some of you (hello Mr Barker) before on the same/closely related subject, and it still isn?t easy this one.
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    The Firebird version has been TZXd, it's the earlier Games
    Workshop version (slower and mostly in BASIC) that's
    missing in action.
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    With regards to the Firebird Release of Runstone, we have a perfect TZX decoded
    correctly with Ramsofts MakeTZX. The Softlock decoder is now fixed and
    I've re-TZXed that an 8 other titles using the same scheme.

    They should reach The .TZX Vault soon icon_wink.gif


    Andy Barker (MIS Maintainer -
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    Then I can put this one aside,

    <reading my prev mess>
    and concentrate on my spelling skills instead.
    </reading my prev mess>

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