ZX Spectrum 12K +2 (gray version) made in UK?

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Quick question: Does anyone know whether the 128K ZX Spectrum +2 (gray version) was produced in the UK or just in Taiwan? All models have so far had been "made in Taiwan". A listing on this one "made in UK":


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    I have 2 Made in Taiwan models and 1 Made in UK model!
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    lucky:) I have got few but all made in Taiwan
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    Im going to guess who is going to bid on that auction then :-D
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    Cant see that going for much (gets prepared to be proved wrong!), proper ratty condition, id be tempted to replace the top half of the case and the cassette player for something that is at the least passable, cosmetic wise, its nearly as bad as my shonky grey that I use now and again!
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    thats why I sorta don't flog my machines really.. I have a fair few from buying tape bundles... they work fine, but well they aren't the best looking. I have 1 curries and 1 dixons boxed ones though :)

    grey +2's I got a silly amount of easily 7+ and I found they were the most common I get. the big problem is the tape drive not working properly... always hated em for not having a tape counter, such a simple thing to skimp on.
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    My fully working +2 (Dixons Exclusive Superdeal pack) is also made in the UK. The faulty one is made in Taiwan instead. Who knows if there is some relation between the two facts :)
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    My dixons exclusive superdeal +2 is made in Taiwan.
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    I also have +2 gray model made in UK, it's issue 1. By looking at board I see differences in this issue component assembly to issue 3 which I also have
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