ZX Spectrum +3, external 3.5 drive, lots of floppies

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Just gauging interest here and wondering what price people may want to offer for:

ZX Spectrum +3 all original and mint condition - have replaced the drive belt and everything works extremely well.

External 3.5" floppy drive, with switchable cable and neat plug type power supply - works very well.

Two RGB Scart Cables, including special scart injector cable to force RGB mode on new LCD type TV's - my panasonic does not work without it, however now displays RGB :)

SRS to Atari joystick adapters for both joystick ports

Various books

Here's the good bit:

Around 50 (I will need to confirm this number) 3" floppies blank disks (or games from World of Spectrum) not original games :(

Around 20 (Again will confirm later) 3.5" Double Density floppies

Happy to post and open to offers...kind of thinking around the ?150 mark which is less than all the bits....

Will post photos later at home, however video of +3 working at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FhOrwp_Ky4&feature=g-upl
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    Could you provide a shipping estimate to the US?

    -Sorry, withdrawing interest .
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