EmuZWin version 2.3 Final release. To be continued...

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This is the Final release of the version 2.3, but hope version 2.4 will be ready soon, with great new features added...

Version 2.3 Release 1.99 (15-Mar-2004):
[-] Configuring toolbar buttons Disk Browser, Play/Stop Tape fixed.
[-] In the emulator, instruction SLA (HL) fixed.
[-] In the assembler, hexadecimals not starting with 0 but finishing 'H' are always treated as hexadecimal numbers (e.g. D000H).
[-] Problems are fixed with resizing to a size smaller then 256x192 (in Multicolor On mode,the emulator was crashed).
[-] Loading some TZX files fixed (those were loaded correctly in version 2.1, but in version 2.2 a parameter DoublePilot was stopped to pass to a plugin normally). And loading of some other TZX files which were not loaded at all fixed (La Abadia del Crimen).
[-] Extracting some files having long names or containing spaces from ZIP archives using PKUNZIP fixed. See also about new PkUnZip.dll plugin below.
[-] Pressing Shift+letter without releasing Shift key was a problem, fixed. Releasing numpad key while emulating joystick fixed (one released key could release other yet pressed).
[-] Applying multicolor timing settings when a file is opened, fixed. Settings for Pentagon multicolor timing are corrected.
[*] ESCAPE pauses the emulator if it is not yet paused, and minimizes it to tray if it is already paused. So to minimize to tray, press ESCAPE twice.
[*] Status bar visibility is stored in the registry and restored in the next session from the last one.
[*] Cursor changed now to specially shaped on a position where it is possible to set / remove a breakpoint in the Debugger and Tape Browser, and when click will lead to change view memory address (Ctrl-click at the address in the disassembled code, click on a registry).
[+] FullScreen without DirectX mode added. In the Configuration, uncheck a box "Use DirectX in Fill-Screen", and going to full screen and back to normal windowed mode becomes extremely fast. This mode is recommended on fast machines and also if there are some problems using Direct-X in the EmuzWin on your PC.
[*] For DirectSound, smaller buffer used to produce sound. Sound for 50% and 200% speed made more crefully.
[*] Display magnification can be increased up to 4:1 using Alt+Num[+].
[*] On start, size and position is restored to the last known when the window was in normal state (not full screen and not maximized).
[*] Reporting new unknown tape loading signature procedure works more carefully to decide if this actually is a tape loading code or something else, before suggesting to send a e-mail with new unknown tape loading procedure. 2 new loading signatures are added to a list of known signatures.
[*] While loading tape, time stamper now does not work saving state each 2 seconds.
[*] EZX format now compressed using great DIUCL library (by Ralf Junker), which uses the same compression which is used in popular executables compressor UPX. Old saves are read with no problem, and it is possible to turn compression off for saving new EZX too.
[+] PkUnZip.dll plugin provided which allows to extract files from Zip archives more correct then using old pkunzip.exe utility. If this plugin is found in the emulator directory, it is used always, so no more necessary to provide a path to pkunzip.exe or download it from somewhere.
[*] Keyboard is redrawn.
[*] Stay On Top Transparent menu item moved to Effects.
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    Hello, Vladimir! Just some ideas about your emulator:

    1. Debugger window need to be redesigned. There are too many items on one window - disassembly, CPU, memory view, stack view, 128k info. Maybe split into several windows or tabs? Scrollbar arrows are too bold and black, they look heavy, and scrollbar background is white - please, use a standard colours. Your way to go to another address is confusing, maybe a small dialog invoked by hotkey? Toolbar also looks heavy - I think buttons are not square, icons are all black, toolbar border is too thick, toolbar should be separated from 128k information. And you use several different fonts - it's not beautifull. Please, follow Windows UI principles!
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    Just two questions before I decide to install this or not:

    1. Can I run at 320x240 full screen (my desktop is in 1024x768, and I don't have hardware stretching capabilities)

    2. Have you fixed your sound latency bug?

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    All I could I all did. But more important and interesting thing took all my time these days: 256 Colors mode. Just try new version, don't ask me if I fixed or not old things. If not, you see it on your machine, Dunny, which I can not test :)
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    Isn't it more important to fix the existing bugs before you start introducing new features to the emulator?
    I wanna tell you a story 'bout a woman I know...
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    Do you know what is the Bug? :) The bug is... no, crash of the application is not a crime. All the applications sometimes crash. And if in a result of a crash the executable itself disapper from the hard disk (Spectaculator 5) I think this also is not very serious bug. :) In a comparison with erasing entire Windows directory (Spectaculator 5) - that is the Bug...

    So, if you see that some mode is not appropriate for your machine, try another. I added in the EmuZWin non-DirectX fullscreen (GUI-only mode). It is enough for all machines with incompatible hardware, but having enough speed to work in GUI. And I am sure that view style of the Debugger actually is not a bug. Though I changed something. But I use it too, and I think that its interface is better than others. At least designing all the debugger panels in a single window rather then in many separate ones and minimizing amount of dialogs actually is not a bug, but a design decision, thought a lot.
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    Where can this be downloaded from ? If I click on your WWW link on the bottom of your post it takes me to some key objects library homepage....
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    Yes it is located there. The KOL is my lovely "child" in this virtual world, though it is not for users but for developers :) But if you know how to use your browser you could go to Downloads, find there Applications, and among a list of others find out EmuZWin too.

    Though, there is a direct link on this WoS site, in Emulators section. This is
    http://bonanzas.rinet.ru/EmuZWin.zip (507K)
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