Image To Zx Spec 1.3.3_02 - ready for more languages

edited October 2012 in Development
I'm just preparing a new build of Image To Zx Spec (1.3.3_02) and was wondering if anybody else wanted to contribute a translation of the app's text (which is all in a single file)?

This build
  • Fixed an image resize bug which was forcing output to 256x192.
  • Fixed preview image flicker and preview image input-output synchronisation.
  • Removed two video queue bottlenecks (improves video conversion speed - tests show up to 65% faster).
  • Reduced video buffering time.
  • Added a preview of video being resized and buffered.
  • Removed non-internationalised video buffering message.

Beta build without any new language support:

I recommend that if you have a 64 bit machine that you set up the 64 bit version of Java to run by default and not the 32bit version - the performance difference is significant. On my machine a 1 minute video on default settings, output to gif only, takes 27 seconds with 32 bit and 11 seconds with 64 bit. I'm assuming this is down to better memory management.
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