1 MIA which is duplicated so it can be removed from the MIA list

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When looking at the software from D. Corbishley you get these:


-World Cup Mexico 1986.

When browsing the software from P.M. Corbishley (whose family name curiously is the same :) ), we get this:


-England?s Glory
-World Cup 1986

Looking at the adverts from both authors, some of them are the same, and in addition, in the ad from P.M. Corbishley, it also appears Liverpool (which hasnt been added to his softography).

The only doubt I have is which family name will be used for the entry when merged, P.M. or D. Corbishley??

Therefore, from these 6 titles, there are actually 3, Liverpool, Englands Glory and World Cup 1986, and the only MIA one is Englands Glory, therefore Liverpool is available and one of the World Cup 1986 should be eliminated.

Hope I explained myself properly! :D
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    There were more corrections to be made here. :-)

    All 3 were also released on the C64 and Atari.

    P.M. was the publisher, D. was the author for all of them.
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