What songs remind you of playing speccy games!!

I was just sitting in my car driving to an appointment when the radio started playing a Dire Straits track off the Brothers in Arms album. WOLLOP!!!! a childhood memory came blasting back into my mind like being hit round the head with a big stick. This got me thinking about what other tunes remind me of playing speccy games.

1. Playing The Hobbit whilst my dad listened to Brothers in Arms.

2. Your Love is King (SADE) playing on the radio as I typed in my first program from Input magazine (the one with the pixelated frog on the cover)

3. Time after Time by (Cindy Lauper) on the radio as I read BigK Magazine and playing JetSet Willy.

4. Axel F (Jan Hammer) on 7" Vinyl round my mates house as we played Thats The Spirit.

5. Wild Boys (Duran Duran) as I played Kokotoni Wilf

6. The Riddle (Nick Kershaw) as I typed in Forest of Long Shadows.

7. Some crap Scorpions album (I think it was called Blackout) as me and my mate played Nightmare Rally and designed an Adventure game in GAC.

8. Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (Dead Kennedys) as me and my mate played MASK.

Pointblank Album by Nail Bomb also reminds me of playing Dragons Revenge Pinball on my MegaDrive when I was on the dole for 6 months.

Proper BO! I tell thee!!!!

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Get back in the sea ya pi55 guzzling spazmatron!!!


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    For me it was listening to Powerslave by Iron Maiden while playing Doomdarks Revenge and Dragontorc!

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    The two that spring to mind for me are Madness - Embarrasment when playing Paperboy (although maybe that was more a reference to my playing than I thought at the time!) and Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax always reminds me of Urban Upstart - now that was a game and a half!!!
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    what a great topic - some tracks that always take me back to speccy days are

    Relax / two tribes / hole in my shoe / whats love got to do with it - whilst playing games like sabre wulf and jet set willy

    Hits 4 (the album) - Ghostbusters & Doomdarks revenge / knight lore

    Bit later on - now 8/9 (the albums) - Dynamite dan / nodes of yesod / nightshade

    also the song something good by the utah saints reminds me of playing striker (1990 ish).

    sorry - another one - this could go on all night - playing monopoly by leisure genius listening to " u got the look " by prince / sheena easten and also live it up by mental as anything

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    Doh! Thought I was the only person in the world who associated certin songs and games :)

    Guess the biggest one for me was my mate's classic rock album while doing Boulder Dash and Rockford's Riot.
    Must have had some effect - we actually comleted both of em.
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    I found a 2nd hand 12" Vinyl Relax in my local record shop yesterday. I'm listening to it right now.

    Guess what game I was playing less than 1 hour ago.


    Squeaky Wheel Gets The Kick!!!

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    Well i have loads of classic 80s vinyl if anybody wants to relive it all again....let me know :) LOL!!
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    Here's an odd one - "Don't Leave Me This Way" by The Communards reminds me of Crash Issue 33's front cover(!?)
    But it also reminds me of the excitement in the build up to Christmas waiting for the Speccy.
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    I have no particular 1-to-1, game-to-song correspondence, but there's a few from that era that 'tek me raiight bak' to my earliest Speccy experience.

    The first games I played were Jetpac, Penetrator, The Hobbit, Manic Miner, Jungle Fever and (cough) Translyvanian Tower at my mate Paul's flat at Uni. Paul's taste in music included Herbie Hancock's Rockit, Rockwell's Somebody Watching Me, Big Country, Siouxsie & The Bansees (that one was mine) and (coughs even louder) The Toy Dolls and Richard Clayderman. All played on the brand new ghettoblaster he'd recklessly bought with his grant money at the start of term! (Mind, he did live on crisps and toast for the rest of the year).
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    I got a kick out of playing Alice Cooper Goes to Hell whilst playing Go To Hell... funky green alice head.

    I also remember lisening to Def Leppard's Hysteria and Georgeo Moroders Metropolis Soundtrack a lot whilst playing radom games.
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    I watched Ghostbusters on Five at the weekend and it reminded me of the hours on end i spent playing it lol

    Basically anything 80s really cos i used to listen to music while playing ;)
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    Fugazi by Marillion playing Tir NA Nog
    Jean Michaelle Jarre playing Starion
    Asia - heat of the moment - playing Rear Gaurd on my friends Apple 2

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    I remember playing Brothers in Arms whilst playing Elite, So far away was very apt. Also Howard Jones was popular in my house when playing Skooldaze, also of cours baggy trousers by Madness :)
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    Um.. Beastie Boys reminds me of playing Elite.

    I listened to them for a summer, until I discovered punk rock and was never quite the same again. :-/
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    Interesting to know that there is a direct 1 to 1 correspondence between specific memory events and specific music tracks! :)

    For me:

    1) Exterminator by Snap! while playing Zynaps (it had this techno groove which was in sync with the furious pace of the game)

    2) Eye in the Sky by Alan Parsons while playing The Hobbit

    3) Foreigner while playing Dynamite Dan (the album had a song called "Jukebox Hero" which I thought coincided nicely with the Jukebox in Dynamite Dan :) )
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