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Hello again,
I was wondering which ZX Spectrum games had the best sound and music.
From what I remember, Sigma Seven impressed me with the music it plays before starting the game. Also Saboteur had interesting music at the beginning of the mission. Such music was impossible to create with a BASIC program.

Yesterday I tried Saboteur 2 and I noticed it plays music while playing the game. I think that wasn't possible with the original ZX Spectrum, probably it worked in ZX Spectrum 128? Also the sound in Saboteur 2 is too rich for a regular Spectrum.

Therefore I have to split the question in two:
- Which games had the best sound on regular ZX Spectrum?
- Which games had the best sound on ZX Spectrum 128?

And another question: You know any tools that helped to produce sounds in assembly language? I guess the game developers had such tools to help them create more interesting sounds for their games.

And another one: You know any program or game that tried to reproduce human voice? Like playing a .wav with a recorded voice, not Text-to-Speech program. Because I remember I have seen a PC game running on 386 (can't remember the name unfortunately) in which a computer character spoke - and the computer had no sound card, just the regular speaker. The quality of sound was bad, but still you could understand what he said. That looks like an impressive feature to me.
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