Where are you from / who are you / do you still use the real Spectrum

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Just three questions to see how divers the Spectrumworld is and how many users are still around. If you want to stay anonymous, just answer the last question!

1) Holland
2) Dr BEEP (you see I too only use a nickname, but some know me by this name as well).
3) Yes, and I will do it for a long time.....
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    3. Both of my kids use two Russian "Master"ZX48 with EGA monitors. I teach them programming Basic. The computers are small, take no place at the desk.
    The letters at the screen are big. The Basic is situable for all school tasks. The games are good for children. No need to purchase the PC or some Playstation.
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    1. Kilmarnock, Scotland
    2. David Cornyn (too old to bother with nicknames!)
    3. No, let's face it, it just takes too damn long to load up games. That said, I still have a +3 and about 400 games in a cupboard in my room. I do have a burglar alarm fitted though, so don't be getting any ideas...
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    1. England
    2. James Hollidge
    3. If the disk drive and multiface still worked I might.
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    1. Wales
    2. Richard Batey
    3. Wot? NO WAY! They are investments for the future (and sadly my only pension plan) to be sold on ebay in 20 to 30 years time!
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    1. NE England
    2. Dean Lowery
    3. Every now and again, not with tapes (got about 500 or so) take to long, so I use my +D interface and disk drive (still going strong after 10 years !). I'm more into collecting Spectrums now than using them.
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    1. Scotland
    2. Phil Spector(!)
    3. Of course. A Speccy 128, which I use in conjunction with minidisc: magnificent.
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    1) Ireland
    2) John Barrett (I thought it was time I came out of the nickname closet!)
    3) Indeed. A +2B. Actually I'm not using it at the moment 'cos its a bit broken...
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    1. Spain
    2. Manuel Amorim
    3. Sure
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    1) Portugal
    2) rtunes
    3) Yes, a +3, and I will do it for a long time.....
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    1)East Anglia,UK, ohh-arr! 'get off my land' and various other farmer jokes
    3)Nope, the two reasons i have for not using the Speccy are a) I just emulate it and b) I don't actually own a Speccy anymore (sob sob!), i can't remember what happened to it but knowing me i probably took it apart around 1991 just so i could 'see how it works' !!
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    1) Austria, 2) LCD earlier known as Tigers Claw, 3) You?re my Speccy, You?re my Soul, I will never let you alone... icon_wink.gif Few days ago I was on Spectrumania 2001 meeting. Great show!
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    1. Cardiff, UK
    2. Rob
    3. Yup, any of the following ...

    rubbery 48k
    speccy + (permenantly hooked up to my telly)
    speccy 128
    speccy +2 Gray
    speccy +2A
    speccy +2B
    speccy +3
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    1. Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
    2. z00m
    3. Yes of course. I have around 60 tapes and around 300MB TAP and TZX files on CD. When I need something, I just make a real tape from TAP or TZX File. I'm a proud owner of:

    ZX Spectrum +
    ZX Spectrum 128k +2
    Didaktik GAMA
    Didaktik M

    Mostly I'm using ZXS+2 and now I'm building a disk IF (Betadisk) for this lovely machine.

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    1. Italy
    2. Davide Barlotti DB/S4E
    3. Sure!! Spectrum48K+OpusDiscovery, Spectrum +3E, Kay 1024, GRMax, Pentagon, Sprinter...
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    1. The Netherlands
    2. Paul van der Laan aka PQR
    3. Occassionaly, but I'm a bit careful because I haven't been able to preserve my tapes and Disciple discs yet...
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    1. Spain.
    2. Santiago.
    3. Of course. In spite of emulators, Manic Miner isn't the same. It sounds different. Old songs needs the background noise to sound right. Do you know what I mean? When I want to feel myself with 16 years old I play Manic Minner or Arkanoid in my SPC.
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    !. Manchester, UK.
    2. Hugh Mann
    3. You betcha. Although emulation makes it alot simpler and faster, sometimes it's nice to have it on a nice big TV screen. Use a +2a unfortunately which i bought second hand because my lovely spectrum+ decided to commit suicide taking my +d with it.
    Actually now i come to think of it...the +d might have been alright. I never did test it with another spec. balls. well it's not alright now (another casualty of the inquisitive child within us all).
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    1. Wolverhampton, UK
    2. Chris Bourne
    3. Playing on a Speccy with a 28" screen is the dogs bolx
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    1.Birmingham, UK
    3.I did...sob sob...but it blew up(Spectrum 128k)(Use emulator now with loads of games!)..

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    1. Valencia, Spain
    2. Javier Alca?iz aka Judas
    3. I have a speccy48k non + ,.. but I use emulators.. I learn a lot checking up old games and reading old companies history.. This web page and his links are a good lesson of history.. I guess this would must to be teached at the schools. =)
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    1) Bangalore, India
    2) Arjun Nair
    3) Alas! My Speccy + went kaput a long time ago. Have never found anybody who could revive it or sell me a working one! I play all the games I want on my PC (thru emulation) now. It isn't the same as the REAL thing but then I guess it will never be...sniff. The Speccy still rules!
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    1) Italy
    2) Alessandro Tommasi
    3) Yes!
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    1. Uruguay
    2. Carlos Garrido
    3. No, I use and sometimes abuse a TK95 ( brazilian clon )
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    1. Germany
    2. Ken T. icon_cool.gif
    3. Trying to repair the keyboard of my rubber 48k Speccy. But
    since I didn't continue with it for 2 months now I'll
    probably order a new membrane instead of repairing it
    myself. When I succeed I'll load the one or the other game
    from tape and listen those 5 minutes to the code traveling
    through the air icon_cool.gif

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    Amending my earlier post - some recent hostile takeovers:

    1) Ireland
    2) John Barrett
    3) Yeah, baby! 48k(rubber keys), 2x48+, 128+2 (grey case) and a +2B...
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    1) Bedforshire
    2) Mark Brown

    3) I regulalry use a rubber key 48k Spectrum. I have lots of original software, including Code Masters games. I played BombJack for the first time ever earlier in the summer. I have a 48k+ too. A few bits of hardware - such as an Opus discdrive (actually my Spectrum collection was very generouslly started by a donation from someone on here!).
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    1. Madrid / Spain
    2. David Garcia F
    3. I play with an emulator and often I play OPERATION WOLFon my loved 128K 2+A with the Laser Gun but the load times drives me crazy.

    One question, anyone know if is possible to connect a Discman or the PCsoundcard to a Spectrum 128+2A to play games without tapes??
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    1)The Great Satan
    3)I owned a 48k in Europe when I was a wee bit lad and really liked it.
    I recently bought one again icon_smile.gif
    When I do play I use emu. on the pc
    I am looking for a 128k if anyone...
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    1: Yugoslavia
    2: Piters
    3: 48K with DK Tronic's 'prof' keyboard. IDE hard disk of 60 MB with over 1000 prog, 8 versions of ROM in FLASH EPROM etc...
    Unfortunatelly I'm too old for play more games, also too old to play with newer additions.
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    1. Messina, on the island of Sicily (Mediterranean Sea), which happens to be part of the Italian Republic.
    2. Alessandro Grussu
    3. I would use my rubber keyed 48K every now and then, hadn't I shorted the ULA out :(
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