What to use to create a map of the place where I live?

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I would like to create a map of the area where I live and, ideally, be able to explore it with a game character or at least be able to explore it using QAOP and Space or Enter to enter a building or room. Providing I come up with the graphics, is there any utility that already allows this?

The isometric option such as what's seen and used in The Great Escape and Where Time Stood Still would be preferrable.

I have this dream of recreating my flat on the Speccy, Sims-style, and then recreating the area of the city where I live - businesses, food places, everything. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it on the Speccy. Custom maps for a game, even if the purpose is just to explore, kill time or interact a little bit with other characters, is something I always wanted to see.

Not sure if this should be posted here. I'm not planning on making a game. Just want to know what I could use. :)

If there isn't anything, I would be content with learning how to store an isometric map in memory and what routine to use to scroll to view it.
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