Under development: COUSIN HORACE - with playable demo

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Hi fellow Spec-chums,

for the first time ever, I am publicly disclosing some details about a game I am currently working on. It is an epic adventure in five chapters, named...



But who is Cousin Horace, actually?

The idea came to me by looking at the cassette inlays of the Timex versions of Horace games. The character portrayed on them bears very little resemblance to the one we all know and love.


I then imagined that such character is not the British Horace, but his American cousin - whom incidentally goes by the name of Horace as well - living his same adventures, or a sort of parallel life if you prefer, on the other side of "the pond". Hence Cousin Horace.

Main Features:
  • Five different chapters for a mix of platform, shoot-em-up, arcade adventure and maze exploration
  • An immersive plot illustrated by Spectrumized pictures and comic book-like in-between screens
  • Runs on 48K and 128K; tested under emulation for compatibility with Timex 2068
  • Comes in TZX (Biturbo-II fast loader), TAP and TRD/SCL format
  • Game and documentation immediately available in four different languages: Italian, English, German and Spanish (French and Portuguese versions planned)
By successfully ending each chapter (except the last one, of course) the player will receive a password that will have to be entered upon loading the next one in order to start it.

The story:

The two Horaces are currently helping local authorities in their respective countries into investigating an underground network formed by their ancient enemies, the Guardians - which I assume here to be an evil secret society bent on world domination - and the Spiders, and their new allies, the Flying Demons.

One day the US Horace invites his cousin for a holiday in the US and waits for him at the airport. However the plane he was waiting for has arrived, but there is no sign of his cousin.

All of a sudden, US Horace receives a phone call on his mobile. "They got me, cousin! Help!" It's UK Horace's voice. Another voice - an unknown, eerie one - intimates US Horace to go immediately to a placeat the edge of the city, otherwise his cousin won't survive the day. Of course, he must go alone and not tell anyone about this.


US Horace (from now on simply Horace), although being certain that he is going straight into the wolf's den, complies to the request and stops his car in front of a tall, ominous building. He steps in...

Chapter 1 - The Tower (platform game)

Current development: 100%

Programmed with: Mojon Twins Churrera 3.99.3c


Horace is now trapped inside the Guardians's tower. He must go to the top of it, get the key that opens the locker with the Great Power Pill inside. By eating the Pill he will be able to knock his enemies out by stomping over them. Then he has to cleanse the whole building of the baddies.

Chapter 2 - The Flight (horizontally scrooling shoot-em-up)

Current development: 100%

Programmed with: SEUD 1.0


After getting rid of his enemies, Horace finds evidence that the Guardians are building secret outposts throughout the USA and that his cousin has been brought to a small town called Sleepyville. Having found a helicopter on the roof of the tower, he decides to go there at once, but just a few seconds after taking off, he is attacked by swarms of remote-controlled drones. He must then fly over four landscapes - city, countryside, mountains and desert - before arriving at Sleepyville, while taking a look at the helicopter's fuel level, replenished by collecting fuel tanks along the way.

(Please note that due to limitations of the SEUD engine, sound effects are AY only and Kempston joystick option is not present; you may only use the keyboard or Sinclair joystick)

Chapter 3 - Sleepyville (exploration arcade adventure)

Current development: about 15% (game logic and puzzle defined, text lines, some sprites)

Programmed with: AGD 4.5

At Sleepyville, Horace must find a way to discover the Guardians's base, where his cousin his held captive. He will have to interact with several other characters and use different objects while avoiding ever-present dangers coming in the form of mad bikers, hostile animals etc.

Chapter 4 - The Base (maze game)

Current development: 100%

Programmed with: Mojon Twins Churrera 3.99.3c


Horace has penetrated the enemy base, still under construction, and found his cousin captive into a cell. He tells him that this is the new core of the Guardians's operations. The only way to release him is to find five parts of an emergency code which once entered into the central computer will freeze all activities inside, including the motion of the Assassin Robots and Cyber-Guardians roaming the corridors and rooms. To defend himself, Horace must use the nailguns left there by workmen completing the structure and deflect deadly lazer beams with barrels he can move for that purpose.

Chapter 5 - Epilogue (arcade - to be defined)

Current development: None yet

Programmed with: AGD 4.5


The two Horaces are fleeing from the base... what could possibly go wrong now?

Also yet to be done:

Intro, Outro

Playable demo (Chapters 1, 2 and 4 - English)

Controls for Chapter 1 and 4 are: Q-A-O-P-Space keys, plus Kempston and Sinclair joysticks.
Controls for Chapter 2 are: W-A-S-D-K keys, plus Sinclair joystick.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more news!
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