Computer and Video Games online magazine facing closure

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Not strictly Spectrum-related, but though it might be of interest here.
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    To be honest, I didn't know they were still publishing, albeit online only.

    It was a nice surprise though to learn that the first ever computer magazine I bought was still about. Anyone remember their robot comic series? I cant remember the name of it but I remember one of the Robots was called Big Red.
  • C+VG was a great multi-format mag.

    I'm going back through the WoS archive now. It seems I bought it more often than I thought from looking at back issues. I remember being bowled over by the arcade section and I think it was this mag that persuaded me to get a master system (from looking at the 'Mean Machines' section) or maybe it was the Amiga after seeing Speedball. Hmmm. It also made me covet a PC Engine. I've still never played one of those.

    It gave the speccy version of Renegade III 84%! :grin:
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