ANN: Tipshop updated Sunday, 01 June 2014

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Sunday 01 June 2014
Things have been busy In Real Life, so here's 2 months of updates (a day late! Ed)

* Philip Callagher sent in a load of tips for Lords of Midnight, The. The original was a Word file which I've converted to html (hopefully correctly!!) and a downloadable pdf file.

* Pavel Pl?va sent in POKEs for Nipik 2.

* Shadow Maker sent in a cheat for L'Abbaye des Morts.

* Pgyuri sent in POKEs and a tip for Mr. Wimpy.

* Added RZX Archive links for Abbaye des Morts, L' , Africa Gardens , Aventura del Dragon, La ,
Brautrydjandinn , Captain Drexx , Charm, The , Count, The ,
Downtown , Flappy Bird ZX , Forest of Doom, The , Jaws ,
Marcas , Ninja twins. Going to Zedeaks , Ninjajar! ,
Pussy: Love Story from Titanic , Stompo, El , Sun Bucket ,
Super Gran - The Adventure , Super Gran , Wizard of Oz, The and
Yumiko in the Haunted Mansion.

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