Games, Games, GAMES!!!

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Well, just a free online MAME emulator...
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    Ah, great site, though I didn't know about the online arcade section - for books/magazines it's superb.

    I guess it'd save that 53gb that MAME is taking up. Couldn't bring myself to delete it though :razz:
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    Neat idea that uses Java but still some way to go with maintaining a decent framerate. Admittedly, the FPS makes for some games being easier; especially something like Ghosts n Goblins lol.

    Thanks for sharing the link. :D
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    A bunch of good old games! Thanks for the link.
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    I'm surprised that they got permission to use all of the games, I don't think I've heard of any arcade game company giving permission for their games (in rom form) to be used for free before. Or do they get royalties? It seems unlikely, given that it's a free archive, but I can't see the archive making them available to play without permission, as I'd imagine that such an archive (especially such a *huge* archive) wants to stay strictly legal.
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    dunno ewgf , have a nice cup of NEScafe :)
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    I'm not 100% sure on The Archive's legality tbh. There's an awful lot of TOSEC sets on there, inc. SNES/Megadrive, and the magazine archive is huge too - most Speccy mags are on there, complete and in PDF format.

    Having the arcade stuff on there, thinking on that, isn't that much of a surprise.
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